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Partner spotlight: Mapp

April 12th 2021

By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

Partner spotlight

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with over 60 industry-leading platforms to help our clients create campaigns that delight their customers and boost conversions.

Each month, we’ll be spotlighting one of our partnerships to get you acquainted with our integration capabilities.

Read on to learn more about how we work with digital marketing platform, Mapp.

Why Mapp & Fresh Relevance

Mapp is a leading provider of insight-led customer engagement. With Mapp, companies can trigger highly personalized marketing activities across all channels based on data-driven customer insights.

Fresh Relevance’s advanced personalization functionality integrates seamlessly with Mapp to offer an unrivalled approach to marketing automation.

What Mapp say

Read our short interview with Michelle Ellicott-Taylor, Partnerships Director, UK&I, Nordics at Mapp to learn more about the integration and get her insights into key eCommerce trends to look out for this year.

Please introduce yourself and Mapp

I’m Michelle, Partner Director covering UK&I and The Nordics at Mapp and I have been with the company for 15 years. I work with a full range of consultancies, agencies and technology partnerships on exciting projects to optimize digital strategy and campaigns for our joint clients.

Mapp is a Forrester recognised, insight-led customer engagement platform. With Mapp Cloud, marketers can focus on what makes a difference for their business, instead of spending precious time and resources taming the technology behind it. They can rely on real, reliable marketing insights that enable true one-to-one personalization – and set the foundation for successful cross-channel marketing activities.

Mapp has supported many companies in their transition to digital marketing strategies over the past year, winning 70 new clients across all sectors and target markets. In particular, new business across the retail and eCommerce sectors showed dynamic growth of almost 30% during 2020. Mapp’s clients include Argos, Ella’s Kitchen, Homebase, PepsiCo and Vivienne Westwood. Mapp also launched its global partner program last year and expanded its go-to-market presence through partnerships with consulting and technology companies in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

Can you tell us about one of your biggest client success stories?

At Mapp, we’re focused on building great relationships with all of our clients to propel their businesses forward. One of those many relationships is with The Entertainer and ELC.

The Entertainer, the fastest-growing family-owned high street toy retailer in the UK, has been a leader in its space since 1981.

Mapp was selected as The Entertainer’s technology partner based on Mapp Cloud’s powerful capabilities for customer acquisition and engagement, coupled with the company’s 20 years of experience supporting retail success.

With the help of Mapp, The Entertainer and ELC realigned its online strategy and combined customer data from all touchpoints to develop a richer, more holistic view of its customers, and easily actionable insight-led engagement at scale. The new strategy was created to reduce abandonment and churn, acquire more customers, and extract more revenue from the existing customer base.

Since implementing Mapp Cloud, The Entertainer and ELC have achieved phenomenal results including:

  • 138% revenue growth in one year from their email channel alone
  • 430,000+ unique customers converted in the 3 months
  • 300M+ dynamic personalisation impressions served across email and web in 4 months
  • 150M page views tracked across the website
  • 600M DMP events per month

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Relevance?

Personalization is key to successful marketing campaigns and Mapp wanted to ensure we had the right partner on board to compliment this activity for our customers. It was a few years ago that we made that statement and we are really pleased to continue to have this strong, long term partnership with Fresh Relevance.

The brands we work with are keen to understand their customer demographics in order to implement effective, tailored, personalized communications across their customer journeys and lifecycles. Working with Fresh means our customers achieve hyper-personalization that is context-based at scale, both for the website and email marketing.

In addition, by feeding the first-party customer data collected by Fresh Relevance into Mapp’s Intelligence module, brands are also able to make accurate predictions of what their customers are going to do next and act on these insights in their cross-channel marketing.

We find the team at Fresh Relevance pro-active, enthusiastic and innovative in their approach. Our teams work collaboratively in delivering an optimized personalization experience with the data brands have available to them, as recognised in a recent quote from The Independent Pharmacy: “We are also looking forward to working with both Mapp’s and Fresh Relevance’s account management and customer success teams as this extension of our team will be crucial to our future growth.”

What’s a key trend eCommerce leaders should be looking out for in 2021?

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to help us understand what is holding brands back from delivering better customer experiences, what improvements work, and those that don’t.

Surprisingly, 57% of people identified lack of skilled talent as being their primary challenge in delivering a better customer experience. Yet the study also showed that talent improvements actually provided the least success, with enhanced customer insights being the most critical to success.

So, the real challenge is the fact that existing talent does not have access to technology that provides better customer insights.

The way we at Mapp interpreted it was that no matter how talented your team is – without the right tools to provide your team with better customer understanding they will not be able to succeed. As a result, we are anticipating an increased interest in insight-led marketing and marketing automation to help boost customer understanding in 2021.

Pre-register for the full report.

The tools to succeed

Here are some of the tools companies have access to with Mapp and Fresh Relevance.

AI product recommendations

Joint clients can tailor product recommendations to each stage of the customer journey across channels based on their past purchase and browse behavior and more.

Triggered messaging

Joint clients can engage with customers through advanced, real-time triggered emails, with triggers including:

Social proof

Joint clients can use social proof tactics such as reviews and ratings, popularity messaging and urgency messaging to drive conversions across channels.

Behavioral targeting

Joint clients can collect data on customer attributes, including demographic data, behavioral characteristics and transactional data. Customer profiles can then be used to create audiences for targeting and export for use in other integrations, such as Facebook Ads.

Learn more about behavioral targeting.

Testing and reporting

Joint clients can optimize the customer journey by conducting A/B tests to ensure the most effective content is displayed in emails and on the website. Other testing and reporting features include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Revenue tracking
  • Product activity

Joint clients

Here’s how two of our joint clients generated results with Fresh Relevance and Mapp.

The Independent Pharmacy

The Independent Pharmacy uses Mapp and Fresh Relevance for omnichannel personalization and marketing automation.

The CQC regulated online pharmacy and doctor recommends relevant advice and guidance to help with conditions across the customer journey, and engages customers with targeted triggered emails, including cart, browse and form abandonment to bring shoppers back to the website, as well as back-in-stock notifications and replenishment emails.

The company also uses targeted popovers based on the customer’s stage in the buying cycle to engage shoppers.

By feeding the first-party customer data collected by Fresh Relevance into Mapp’s customer intelligence module, Mapp Intelligence, the online pharmacy is able to make accurate predictions of what their customers are going to do next and act on these insights in their omnichannel marketing.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer uses Mapp and Fresh Relevance to improve the customer experience.

The toy retailer’s audience segmentation – based on all onsite behavior and generated insights – has supercharged their retargeting strategy.

The company is now running more automated campaigns than ever before, and the ability to combine purchase data, real-time web browsing behavior, channel activity, and predictive analytics creates segments that are highly targeted, resulting in strong revenue-performing campaigns.

Learn more about The Entertainer’s success story and register for our upcoming webinar with The Entertainer to learn more about how they turbo-charged their online engagement strategy.

Book a demo to find out how you could generate results for your business with Fresh Relevance and Mapp.

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By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager at Fresh Relevance, Arthur manages an extensive portfolio of partners to help eCommerce and travel brands benefit from the power of personalization.