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7 Singles Day email examples that make us want to treat ourselves

October 5th 2023

Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker

Digital Marketing Assistant

5 Singles Day email examples that make us want to treat ourselves - Featured image

For all of the single pringles out there, Singles Day is a day to treat yourself.

For all email marketers, this is your opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest shopping event – with sales estimated at $157 billion in 2022. In this blog post, we’ll explain what Singles Day is and give some inspiring email examples to get you started on your next Singles Day email marketing campaign.

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day, also known as Bachelor’s Day, is a day for singles to celebrate themselves. It was first popularized in China, then South East Asia, and now companies all over the world leverage the event for dedicated promotions. It is generally celebrated on the 11th of November. This year, it will fall on a Saturday.

Below are 7 examples of Singles Day email campaigns that we love – and why. Quick tip: click on the images to see the full email examples.

1) Calvin Klein drives urgency with a countdown timer

In this example, Calvin Klein makes use of a dynamic countdown timer in their email. This timer counts down to the end of their Single Day sale, driving urgency within customers to treat themselves at a discounted price.

Calvin Klein Singles Day email example

Source: Calvin Klein email

2) Vans greets customers with a dynamic banner

Research has shown that you have 50 milliseconds to grab a customer’s attention before they click away from your website. With how crowded our inboxes are nowadays, there’s no doubt that time is similarly short within email marketing.

This is why dynamic banners are effective; a good banner grabs the customer’s attention and keeps them reading on. Vans does this well in the example below, with their animated, eye-catching banner.

Source: Vans email

3) Ann Summers showcases their products’ popularity

Ann Summers uses popularity messaging to show how many people are currently buying a product. This technique gives the same effect as people crowding around a product in a brick-and-mortar store; it creates intrigue and urgency. This means the customer viewing this email is more likely to follow the crowd and also buy the popular products.

Source: Ann Summers email

4) Living Royal eases purchase anxiety with user-generated content

Following on from the previous example, this is another social proof tactic. When buying from an online store, customers aren’t able to try products before they buy, and may therefore be hesitant to spend money on something when they don’t know if it’s trustworthy.

This is where UGC comes in.

UGC, or user generated content, is content created by customers such as photos with a company’s product. Considering 1 in 3 shoppers prefer to see a product as it is worn or used by real people as opposed to professional product images, this tactic has proven to be very effective.

Living Royal makes use of UGC by displaying Instagram photos from their customers at the end of their Singles Day email.

Source: Living Royal email

5) EMP makes use of relevant product recommendations

Product recommendations have always been a popular marketing tactic – even before eCommerce stores existed, with store clerks talking to their customers one-to-one to help recommend products the customer might like. 

Now it’s possible to personalize product recommendations online, too, with sophisticated machine learning technology. And that’s a good thing, as it really helps boost revenue. One eCommerce business saw a 24% sales uplift with the inclusion of personalized product recommendations in their email marketing. 

EMP knows this, and makes use of these tailored product recommendations in their Singles Day email.

Source: EMP email

6) Hunkemöller encourages loyalty with their membership competition

Not only does Hunkemöller make use of a loyalty program and advertise it in their Singles Day email, but they also make use of gamification. They ran a competition where the 5th million customer to sign up to their membership program won £1500 worth of their products. This encourages customers to become members and helps incentivize data capture, as well as keep customers loyal.

Hunkemoller Singles Day email example

Source: Hunkemöller email

7)  ASOS treats customers with a discount

In this example, ASOS allows customers to treat themselves with a 20% off discount code – as long as they buy their products on Singles Day. This incentivizes customers to buy from them, and speeds up purchase decisions.

Source: ASOS email

It is always important to make sure that when you use a coupon, it links back to the website seamlessly. It should also be clear whether the coupon code is still valid, as 32% of customers get frustrated when they click through and it no longer works.

Find more inspiration on our Singles Day email Pinterest board.

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Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker

Digital Marketing Assistant

As Digital Marketing Assistant at Fresh Relevance, Danielle writes user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.