About Fresh Relevance

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower marketers to do great things that drive sales and life time value (LTV) by blending marketing creativity with technology, data and automation.

What is Fresh Relevance?

Founded in 2013, Fresh Relevance delivers an effective personalization platform for digital marketers to engage customers with contextually relevant content through email, web, mobile and social channels using behavioral and transactional data in real-time.

Meet the Team

Meet the people with a fresh take on digital marketing.

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CEO, Founder

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He has been building software companies for over 20 years. He enjoys walking, cooking, playing piano and computer games.

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CINO, Founder

Pete is an author and serial entrepreneur. He has been designing systems for 40 years, including games, financial trading and an ESP. He likes research, computer games and everything Vietnamese.

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CRO, Founder

Eddy has over 10 years' experience in digital marketing. His hobbies include cycling, playing golf and spending time with his family including his two demanding daughters.

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David leads the dev team, engineers scale, automates, adds features. Enjoys winter sports and travelling, at the weekend attempts to play hockey.

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William was Finance Director and then Chief Executive of Gullane Entertainment plc. He helped grow it from a £400k turnover business into a London Stock Exchange company with a turnover in excess of £50m.