FFX Tools hits the nail on the head with personalized product recommendations and triggered emails

Find out how FFX increases average order value, reduces bounce rate and recovers lost cart abandonment revenue.


FFX turned to Fresh Relevance
for a more dynamic, comprehensive and flexible personalization experience.


34% increase in revenue from product recommendations

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Product recommendations
and triggered emails

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“Their support team is great too – they’re always on hand to help. It’s the big difference between Fresh Relevance and other competitors.”

Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager, FFX

Being a small team, Chris is also pleased with the time they have saved through using Fresh Relevance. “It’s hard to be efficient if everyone is just scrambling to get through the day. With tools like Fresh Relevance, we are more productive and can do things en masse,” says Chris.

FFX is a leading provider of premium hand and power tools. Fed up of relying on the basic personalization functionality that came with their previous ESP, FFX turned to Fresh Relevance for a more dynamic, comprehensive and flexible personalization experience.

We spoke with Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager at FFX to find out more.

“We were using parts of the personalization tools that came with our ESP, but we wanted more advanced functionality,” explains Chris. “I’ve had a really positive experience with Fresh Relevance. It’s a flexible platform that gives us the ability to try new things. With Fresh Relevance, you’re not limited to the out-of-the-box functionality. Their support team is great too – they’re always on hand to help. It’s the big difference between Fresh Relevance and other competitors,” continues Chris.


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number of orders that come from recommendation bundles


increase in incremental average order value from product recommendations


increase in total revenue from product recommendations


reduction in bounce rate from recommendations on out-of-stock pages


Product recommendations


Chris and the team were keen to make the most of product recommendations, using Fresh Relevance to create a ‘frequently purchased together’ recommendations bundle on hero product pages, with checkboxes to make it easy for customers to add the extra products to their cart.

A year after getting the recommendations live, the team are seeing great results. “We’re seeing 5% of orders coming from our recommendations bundles and have seen a 49% increase in incremental average order value and a 34% increase in total revenue,” says Chris.

The FFX team has also added product recommendations to their out of stock product pages, suggesting relevant products at similar prices. “I noticed that the highest bounce rate on our website was coming from customers entering on a PDP level and finding that the product was out of stock. With product recommendations, we’ve reduced bounce rate by circa 10%,” explains Chris.

Additionally, the team has implemented a product carousel on the homepage that recommends items based on brand affinity, for example showing Dewalt tools to shoppers who have browsed or purchased from that brand before


Triggered emails

FFX makes use of cart abandonment emails and has taken those emails to the next level with the addition of several marketing tactics. The emails include countdown timers to create urgency, product recommendations to showcase a wider range of inventory, information about paying via Clear Pay, and reviews, which are fed through Fresh Relevance’s integration with Trustpilot and filtered by the carted brand.

Beyond abandonment emails, FFX also makes use of other triggers, such as purchase complete emails. These emails use similar recommendations to their ‘frequently bought together’ bundles, with fallbacks including bestsellers in the purchased brand. The team previously sent purchase complete emails via their ESP, but have automated the process with Fresh Relevance. “The purchase complete emails we sent via our ESP entailed a lot of manual work, since every email required different artwork and specific products. With Fresh Relevance, we were able to create a dynamic purchase complete campaign. It’s saved us a lot of time,” explains Chris.

The team has also implemented price drop emails that include reviews filtered by delivery, which is a strong USP for the company.



Future plans


“Even after five years of being a customer, we’re not even close to maximizing our potential with Fresh Relevance. It’s great knowing that there’s a lot more we can do and that we can constantly learn and grow. With Fresh Relevance, it’s a true partnership.”

Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager, FFX

Chris is keen to expand the company’s range of product recommendations by implementing quick comparison recommendations on a PDP level, which will look at customer rating, price and delivery ETA. The team will also be implementing upsell recommendations, showing higher-priced variants to customers who land on the PDP for a basic product.

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