The shopper’s physical location has a big influence on their interests and needs when engaging with your emails or online store.

How to use geotargeting


Step 1

Create your location set

Flexible Geofences - Optimising.png

Step 2

Create and configure your dynamic location based banner

Contextual Dynamic Images - Geotargeting - Optimising.png

Step 3

Add the banner to an email or website slot

Triggered Emails - Geotargeting.png
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Step 4

Add the slot code to your website or email

Recommendations - Geotargeting - Optimising.png

Step 5

Setup marketing rules to display depending on the individuals location if required

Geotargeting - Popups - Optimised.png

Inject geotargeting into all your marketing tactics


Triggered emails

Increase the relevance of cart, booking and browse abandonment messages by tailoring the content to the recipient’s location. 

Triggered Emails - Geotargeting.png

Onsite popovers

Trigger pop-ups and popovers based on location data.

Onsite popovers - Geotargeting - Optimising.png

Behavioral targeting

Combine behavioral and location data to deliver 1-to-1 personalization at scale. 

Behavioral Targeting - Geotargeting - Optimising.png
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Contextual dynamic images

Display dynamic content, such as banners, to address different geolocations.

Contextual Dynamic Images - Geotargeting - Optimising.png


Personalize your suggestions based on the shopper’s location or availability at their nearest store. 

Recommendations - Geotargeting - Optimising.png