Fresh Ski website mockup Integration

Re-create product recommendations in print users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Target & personalize marketing content combined with transactional data & returns
  • Deliver increased purchase frequency and ATV
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Benefit from a unique depth of capability
  • Only pay for what’s needed with our flexible subscriptions

See an increase in repeat customers

With the and Fresh Relevance integration you can re-create product recommendations in print, the same way you do online and in email.

Using both SMARTSLIPS® and SMART DIRECTMAIL, you can now engage customers like never before to drive repeat purchases.

If you have deployed Fresh Relevance, you can benefit from’s unique solution to maximize the customer life-time value, with the average client seeing a 13.1% increase in repeat customer purchases.

By retailers, for retailers addresses the final stage of the customer journey: post delivery or ‘the moment of consumption’. Their mission is to improve the customer experience and deliver highly relevant marketing content, specific to the individual customer, at the point of ‘consumption’. 

Together with the Fresh Relevance platform, online retailers can personalize content both online and in print.