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Citrus-Lime Integration

Citrus-Lime's Ecommerce Solutions offer secure, feature-rich online shopping solutions and can be integrated with leading accounting, Point-of-Sale, and fulfilment systems as well as other online selling venues, such as comparison shopping portals.

Citrus-Lime users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Identify more shoppers, for example using sophisticated ESP integration
  • Add Browse Abandonment Recovery to bring back even more shoppers
  • Personalized Emails, with cart contents, product recommendations and other smart blocks
  • Display dynamic content across channels
  • Test and optimize
  • Only pay for what’s needed with our flexible subscriptions

One platform to analyze customer data, personalize and optimize

Fresh Relevance offers you all the web and email marketing tools you ever wanted in one easy-to-use system. Thanks to our robust integration with Citrus-Lime, you can effortlessly use your shop data to build powerful personalization campaigns, fueled by real-time data insights.

Are you kicking off your first personalization initiative? Or are you a seasoned marketer looking to squeeze more revenue out of existing tactics? Fresh Relevance is great at delivering basic campaigns. And awesome at solving your specific challenges. 

Data at your fingertips

Quickly and easily implement Fresh Relevance with just a few clicks. You can integrate Citrus-Lime transactional and behavioral data with any other marketing platform and enrich your systems with the data you collect in Fresh Relevance.