Turbo-charge your online store and emails with a joined up, customized brand experience that accelerates conversions

Adobe Commerce users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Personalize the online store and emails
  • Test and optimize
  • Benefit from a unique depth of capability
  • Automate email marketing
  • Display dynamic content across channels
  • Only pay for what’s needed with our flexible subscriptions

Fresh Relevance Connectors for Magento 2

Fresh Relevance offers you all the web and email marketing tools you ever wanted in one easy-to-use system. Thanks to our robust integration, you can effortlessly use your shop data to build powerful personalization campaigns, fueled by real-time data insights.

The connectors above also add support for the W3C Digital Data Layer to your Adobe Commerce store.

If you only want stand-alone W3C DDL support, then install our W3C Digital Data Layer Connector for Magento 2.

The W3C Digital Data Layer is a standard way of exposing data on your eCommerce site. By exposing your data in a single format, you do not need to expose data to multiple providers (e.g. an analytics provider and a tag management provider) in different ways.

Performance Dashboard

Comprehensive set of cross-channel personalization tools

Features include dynamic content, social proof, behavioral targeting, advanced email capture, product recommendations and triggered emails.

Extensive dashboards

Access granular insights into how each segment is performing. Test and optimize marketing based on customer behavior and ROI.

Improved website identification rate

Fresh Relevance identifies more shoppers across channels and devices than any other platform which enables you to reach more shoppers.

Data at your fingertips

A fully joined up, personalized, optimized experience for your shoppers and email subscribers

We support all versions, including Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.