OpenCart Integration

Boost the potential of your Fresh Relevance platform.

Cart Abandonment for OpenCart

OpenCart is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution. You simply install, select your template, add products and you're ready to start accepting orders.

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Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers. 

  • Identify more shoppers using sophisticated ESP integration. Read more
  • Use bigger and better data to drive custom triggers based on behavioral and transactional data. 
  • Build robust real-time recovery programs in email and web. Learn more about Fresh Relevance cart and browse abandonment solutions.

Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with OpenCart and personalizes your web pages:

Add one line of script and you're away
Support for standard OpenCart sites within a few days (we do all the work), and complicated sites by agreement.

Personalize your Web pages with product suggestions and dynamic content: selected by user, behavior, product, time etc.

Sophisticated reports including site performance and what shoppers are doing right now.

You can immediately increase sales with leading-edge browse and basket abandonment recovery, then extend this to customer-specific programs that send multiple emails. Next personalize your website with product suggestions and smart blocks, introduce advanced real-time content into all your email marketing, improve all your segmentation and targeting with real-time analytics, and load real-time activity data into your CRM or Analytics System.

Fresh Relevance sends real-time, cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails to the customers of your OpenCart store. The emails are personalized, including product pictures and links back to your store, making it simple for lapsed customers to return and buy.

Web and Email Personalization 

No plugins to install. Add one line of script and a purchase complete image and you're away! 

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Fresh Relevance is the comprehensive personalization platform for digital marketers that drives revenue and loyalty by delivering a targeted cross-channel customer experience. Powered by real-time data and machine learning, Fresh Relevance seamlessly works with the existing martech stack, unifies siloed data and tracks all customer behavior. Providing unique, actionable insights into each shopper, the platform helps select the most relevant tactics from an unrivalled range of digital marketing tools to guide customers along their journey across channels and devices.


About OpenCart

Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK, Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing hub that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content. Fresh Relevance has more than 200 clients, including: Cottages4U, illy, Kuoni, Moss Bros, Thorntons, White Stuff and 7dayshop. And we're The Most Recommended Cart Abandonment Solution, by Members of OnlyInfluencers.