Offer a personalized web and mobile experience in PWAs by combining Fresh Relevance with Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Benefit from the operational and financial rewards of PWAs.
  • Personalize the web and mobile experience for every shopper.
  • Give customers a consistent user experience, no matter they’re using a browser and/or mobile device and are online or offline.
  • Access the technological expertise and best practice of two market-proven platforms.

Enhance PWAs with advanced real-time personalization and optimization

Retailers and brands around the world are increasingly replacing their native apps with PWAs. This allows them to benefit from faster load times than traditional apps and to make their digital offering more immersive and secure for the user.

The lightest touch integration of Vue Storefront with Fresh Relevance allows marketers to seamlessly transition to PWAs. Using our personalization platform, companies can accurately analyze and act upon eCommerce data across all channels to tailor every customer experience.

Performance Dashboard


Harvest customer insight to drive orders and treat shoppers differently, whether they’re just browsing, one-time buyers or lapsed customers.


Use behavioral targeting and advanced segmentation to achieve your unique goals, e.g. sell your high-margin items, turn new customers into repeat purchasers or increase CLV.


Demonstrate the effectiveness of your initiatives, discover which tactics help you meet your KPIs and optimize marketing based on customer behavior.