Designer fashion retailer boosts sales with dynamic subject lines and Black Friday content in abandonment emails


A British multi-brand designer store for men and women, delivering expertly curated luxury collections online and in-store.

Solutions Used

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When looking to optimize their triggered emails, this designer fashion retailer knew email personalization was the answer to delivering more revenue. With Fresh Relevance, they implemented real-time cart and browse abandonment emails with dynamic subject lines and custom content for Black Friday to bring customers back to their online store. Using Fresh Relevance’s A/B testing, they were also able to optimize their subject lines for maximum performance.

The company’s email provider is SendGrid, and an API with Fresh Relevance made integrating straightforward.

Increase in sales with cart abandonment emails
Increase in sales with browse abandonment emails
Additional sales uplift with dynamic content in abandonment emails

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Black Friday

The company wanted to take advantage of Fresh Relevance’s functionality to boost their Black Friday marketing.

The company used Fresh Relevance’s dynamic banners SmartBlocks to show customers new arrivals filtered by gender, in addition to an Instagram feed. To maximize the impact, they added a personal touch to their recovery emails by highlighting brands that the customer is most interested in. The Black Friday emails included the carted or browsed brand in the subject line and offered shopping inspiration by presenting personalized Black Friday product recommendations. They also adapted their messaging to reflect their Black Friday sale.

The results speak for themselves. The cart and browse Black Friday layouts with dynamic content raised an additional 5% and 2.8% sales respectively, when compared to their standard recovery messages

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A/B testing subject lines

To test which type of personalization performs better for the company, they used Fresh Relevance to set up a long-term A/B test of dynamic versus standard subject lines. The retailer found that dynamic subject lines featuring the carted brand outperformed emails with subject lines containing name personalization by 5%. And the success didn’t stop there. During the Christmas period, dynamic subject lines containing the browsed brand outperformed subject lines with name personalization by an impressive 209%.

Overall results

The company’s cart and browse abandonment emails have been a resounding success. The cart abandonment emails have produced a 50% increase in sales and the company has seen a 37% sales uplift from browse abandonment emails year-on-year.