Integrated SMS


Send transactional and marketing emails & SMS – allowing you to focus on you business, instead of your march infrastructure.

Twilio SendGrid users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Leverage eCommerce data for email & SMS targeting without any heavy data integration projects.
  • Enhance emails with dynamic content that’s powered by behavioral and contextual data.
  • Leverage real-time data in bulk and automated email & SMS messages.
  • Customize any email element, including subject line, CTA, banners, recommendations.

Provide a triggered messages experience that’s unique to each subscriber

By joining up Fresh Relevance and Twilio SendGrid, you can make personalized emails and SMS that generate click-throughs and revenue.

Fresh Relevance collects real-time behavioral data and product data as customers shop and browse on the website. Our platform integrates it with data collected in your ESP and uses Machine Learning to analyze it. We also offer a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools to personalize the emails and SMS that you build in Fresh Relevance and send through Twilio SendGrid.

Provide a triggered messages experience that’s unique to each subscriber

Comprehensive set of cross-channel personalization tools

Features include dynamic content, social proof, behavioral targeting, advanced email capture, product recommendations, triggered emails and SMS.

Behavioral and contextual targeting

You can join up data to design sophisticated campaigns based on a wealth of insights, such as customer preferences, actions and inactions, geolocation and local weather.

Extensive dashboards

Access granular insights into how each segment is performing. Test and optimize marketing based on customer behavior and ROI.

Quick & easy implementation

Quick & easy implementation

Thanks to the pre-built integration with Twilio SendGrid, getting started is just a question of entering your Fresh Relevance client account and API key into Twilio SendGrid and following the step-by-step set-up instructions within Twilio SendGrid.

To collect customer data and personalize the experience across channels, Fresh Relevance can be added to any website with a few clicks.