The Diamond Store sees dazzling results with onsite personalization and shopping abandonment emails


A UK based, award-winning online jewelry retailer selling a wide range of products to over 145,000 customers.

Solutions Used


The Diamond Store’s high value offerings mean their average customer visits the website several times before making a purchase, making the need to build brand affinity and provide a personalized customer journey vital.

With an inadequate cart abandonment solution already in place, and the need to ramp up personalization on their website, The Diamond Store turned to Fresh Relevance.

“Fresh Relevance is one of the easiest tools we work with, and the customer support is exceptional too. With other tools, you often get great sales and account management, but when you have a technical question you have to wait a week for a solution. With Fresh Relevance, any technical questions are usually resolved within a couple of hours,” says Gary Ingram, Managing Director at The Diamond Store.

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Onsite personalization

Product recommendations and banners

With Fresh Relevance, The Diamond Store uses AI product recommendations on their product pages to increase average order value by suggesting similar products with higher price tags, including the products’ Trustpilot star ratings to ease purchase anxiety and boost conversions.

“A lot of our customers are shopping for a special gift, and so are more inclined to spend slightly more if that option is presented to them,” explains Gary.

The Diamond Store is also using Fresh Relevance’s product recommendations on their homepage, displaying a banner with dynamic content that adapts depending on the customer’s browse data.

The results speak for themselves. “Our onsite product recommendations and dynamic banners have achieved an average 12.4% sales uplift,” says Gary.

“Our onsite product recommendations and dynamic banners have achieved an average 12.4% sales uplift.”
Gary Ingram, Managing Director, The Diamond Store

Cart and browse abandonment emails

The Diamond Store makes use of Fresh Relevance’s upselling product recommendations in their cart abandonment emails too, along with their Trustpilot star ratings.

For their browse abandonment emails, The Diamond Store uses a dynamic hero banner to reflect the recipient’s recently browsed product category. The browse abandonment emails also include product recommendations and related articles to help customers make a purchase decision.

“We didn’t want our browse abandonment emails to be salesy, which is why we provide helpful content and suggestions as a subtle way to build brand equity with potential customers,” explains Gary.

Gary continues: “The cart and browse abandonment emails have been a success, and we’ve achieved an average sales uplift of 8%.”

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Future plans

The Diamond Store is currently using Fresh Relevance to run A/B testing on product page recommendations to compare the effectiveness of ‘purchased together’ recommendations vs. ‘dynamically browsed’ suggestions.

The team are also keen to implement Fresh Relevance into their email newsletters, to help automate their current manual process.