IronmongeryDirect achieves a 7.2% average sales uplift with Fresh Relevance cart and browse abandonment emails

Discover how IronmongeryDirect boosts their sales and recovers abandoned carts.


IronmongeryDirect decided to move their abandonment emails from an external agency to Fresh Relevance, to regain control and access data more easily.


4%  weekly revenue attributed to abandonment emails

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Cart and browse abandonment program

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IronmongeryDirect impressively won consecutive ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards in 2014 and 2015.

The company was first introduced to Fresh Relevance in 2014 when they asked their email service provider (DotMailer) to recommend a new cart abandonment solution.

CRM & Retention Executive at IronmongeryDirect, Yolanda Denkmayer explains the reason for seeking out a fresh approach: “At the time our abandonment emails were being fulfilled by an external agency, which gave us little control over the creative and also made accessing data and reporting a challenge.”


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weekly revenue attributed to abandonment emails


average sales uplift


Cart and browse abandonment program

Through the deployment of both cart and browse abandonment solutions from Fresh Relevance, the company has not only taken back control of its abandonment strategy, but reinvigorated the entire program. One example has been the ability to implement specific abandonment strategies to take new and lapsed customers on different journeys.


Denkmayer adds: “We asked the Fresh Relevance team if this was possible and before we knew it the program was set up and ready to go!” In IronmongeryDirect’s journey, a customer will receive an email 30 minutes after they have abandoned their shopping basket, and again after 24 hours, if they have not returned to complete their order. This has resulted in some impressive statistics. “At least 4% of our weekly sales revenues can be directly attributed to our abandonment activity, which this year represents an average sales uplift of 7.2%,” explains Denkmayer.


Future plans

With its cart and browse abandonment working perfectly and a “brilliant working relationship” with Fresh Relevance, the team at IronmongeryDirect is now looking to take their customer email communications to the next level, through the introduction of Countdown Timers.

A strong selling point is that we deliver next working day on orders placed up to 8pm the night before and for free on purchases over £45,” explains Denkmayer. “By including countdown timers in all of our emails, not just cart and browse abandonment, we can help our customers place orders in time for next day delivery. We can also let them know how much more they need to spend to get free delivery.”

Denkmayer concludes: “Today, whatever we want to do with our abandonment program we can just do it. That is the control, flexibility and confidence that Fresh Relevance gives us.”

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