Look Fabulous Forever gives their website a makeover with onsite personalization

The team at Look Fabulous Forever were keen to take the company to the next level by providing personalized experiences for their website visitors. 

After looking at another supplier that focused solely on email, the company turned to Fresh Relevance to help them optimize not only their email experience, but their web experience too. "We're a web first company, so choosing Fresh Relevance was not a difficult decision for us," says Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director at Look Fabulous Forever.

"Before Fresh Relevance, we had one of those homepages that was stuffed with information. But now we can tailor the homepage to each person. We're able to listen to website visitors and serve them what they need rather than broadcasting the same content to everyone,” Janis continues. 


An innovative DTC cosmetics and skincare brand designed to meet the needs of older women.

Solutions Used

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Product recommendations

The team started with Fresh Relevance's product recommendations, adding dynamic product recommendations to their product pages to showcase items that are on offer.

"We run a different offer every week, so we wanted a solution that could help us recommend what’s popular right now without having to manually change the recommendations each week," explains Janis.  

The company is also using Fresh Relevance recommendations on the homepage to display bestsellers. 

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Cart and browse abandonment emails

The team was quick to make use of Fresh Relevance's cart and browse abandonment functionality, adding dynamic slots into the emails to display their weekly offers. "We plan out our offers and creatives on a monthly basis, so now with Fresh Relevance it's just a case of one person updating the dynamic slots once a month and then all the content is automatically updated throughout our emails and website," says Janis. 

Behavioral targeting

A more recent endeavor for Look Fabulous Forever is making use of behavioral targeting to ensure that any targeted offers a shopper sees on Facebook or via email are then reflected on the website. "It's all about boosting conversions," says Janis. "When a shopper sees an offer on Facebook that leads them to click through to our website, they'll be more likely to convert if they see that same offer on the site," Janis continues. 

The company also has plans to target certain segments of customers with exclusive offers to encourage them to try more product ranges. The offers will be sent via email and will also be displayed to that particular segment of customers on the website when they click through. 

Future plans

The team at Look Fabulous Forever are keen to go deeper with behavioral targeting and are also planning to implement replenishment emails and a post-purchase email campaign. "We're very excited about the post-purchase functionality. We want to include tutorials and videos in post-purchase emails to generate loyalty," explains Janis. “Every time I go into the platform, I see new initiatives that I want to implement,” Janis continues. 

"If you're considering Fresh Relevance, definitely do it. It's changing our relationship with our customers and it's a really worthwhile investment. We've seen more than 10x ROI in the first few months of using Fresh Relevance," says Janis.