Wowcher adds the wow factor to their marketing emails with personalized product recommendations and more

Find out how Wowcher increases their average order value.


Wowcher made the switch to Fresh Relevance after the platform outperformed their in-house personalization functionality in a series of tests


Email personalization, product recommendations


26.63% increase in average order value



Founded in 2011, Wowcher is a diverse promotion marketplace that provides customers with discounts and deals on a wide range of products and services. The company prides itself on its top business partners and unbeatable prices, helping to make the luxurious things in life more affordable.

Wowcher was already sold on the importance of personalization and had an in-house solution in place to personalize the experience for shoppers. However, keen to constantly deliver the best possible customer experience, Wowcher made the switch to Fresh Relevance after the platform outperformed their in-house personalization functionality in a series of tests.


Email personalization & product recommendations

Wowcher uses Fresh Relevance to increase engagement with their BAU marketing emails through different types of personalized product recommendations. These include similar product recommendations, which involves recommending products that are similar to the ones the customer has browsed or purchased in the past, and localized product recommendations, which are specific to the recipient’s location. The company is a strong believer in the power of testing, and frequently tests and optimizes the type of product recommendations they include in different email campaigns. For example, they have seen success with displaying ‘after viewing this people buy’ in their national email campaigns and ‘people like you buy’ in their morning sends.

Wowcher is known for their long emails packed with the latest deals, so Fresh Relevance made a custom 50-recommendation SmartBlock to make it easy for the team to put personalized, content-rich emails together.

Wowcher also makes use of subject line personalization to engage shoppers from the get-go and improve open rates.



Explore uplifts

Wowcher is performing a continuous test of Fresh Relevance content against two of their internal algorithms, and has seen a 26.63% increase in average order value with Fresh Relevance.



Future plans

Next on Wowcher’s to-do list with Fresh Relevance is setting up behavioral targeting for a segmented approach for their Black Friday campaigns.

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