Effective personalization isn’t a case of set and forget. It requires ongoing monitoring, testing and fine-tuning. With Fresh Relevance’s comprehensive reporting and testing capabilities, you can track how each tactic is performing, test hypothesis with just a few clicks and instantly adjust strategies. 

  • Monitor the impact of your personalization activities with real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Better understand the behavior of customer segments with audience analytics.
  • Use A/B and MVT testing to try new marketing ideas on a subset of shoppers instead of everyone. 
  • Determine the influence of the tested variable on results with control groups.

Comprehensive set of reporting, testing & optimization features


Visual dashboards

Use a single screen to get a performance overview of your personalization campaigns with at-a-glance KPIs and trends over time, giving you full control for maximum results.

Visual dashboard - Testing- Optimised.png

Revenue-based reporting

Understand and target your customers using our real-time campaign reports. Demonstrate the performance of your personalization strategy and the impact it has on your business using real-time metrics that matter to your business. Go beyond typical performance reports of opens, clicks and bounces to see how much revenue specific campaigns generate.

Revenue based reporting - Testing.png

Audience analytics

Surface insights about your customers and uncover new opportunities with our audience analytics. Interactive dashboards provide you with a wealth of high-level and granular metrics of the performance of each segment and ESP generated list, including CLTV, purchase interval, AOV and behavior.

Audience Analytics - Testing - Optimised.png

Split testing and multivariate (MVT) testing

Take the guesswork out of your website and email optimization and improve conversion rates by comparing the effectiveness of different types of content, recommendations, notifications, overlays, and more against defined goals. Use A/B/n tests to test different variations of one element and multivariate testing to test different variations of several elements.

Split Testing - Testing - Optimisation.png

Control groups

Attribute sales and provide a clearer view of the return-on-investment the platform is delivering. You can accurately assess the impact of your personalized experiences by selecting a small percentage of customers to be excluded from a specific type of marketing. This allows you to accurately and easily track the sales uplift from any digital marketing tactic used, such as a specific email trigger, or a piece of dynamic content.

Control Groups - Testing - Optimised.png

Why Fresh Relevance?

A fresh take on personalization

Fresh Relevance is the comprehensive personalization platform for digital marketers that drives revenue and loyalty by delivering a targeted cross-channel customer experience. Powered by real-time data, Fresh Relevance seamlessly works with the existing martech stack, unifies siloed data and tracks all customer behavior to provide unique, actionable insights into each shopper. 

A Fresh Take - Testing- Optimised.png

One platform to collect data, analyze and personalize

Our platform gathers data wherever customers go, then brings it all together in one place with existing data, providing real-time behavior and insight combined with the power to act on it. The platform’s range of digital marketing tools is unrivalled and includes personalization, recommendations, triggered messages, dynamic contextual emails, social proof, campaign testing and reporting. Using machine learning, the platform helps select the most relevant tactics to guide customers along their journey across channels and devices. 

One Platform - Testing - Optimised.png

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“We selected Fresh Relevance for its features but also the ability for us to have full control over how they are used. What’s more, the quality of support is exceptional."

Test and optimize all your marketing tactics


Onsite popovers

Grow your email list and reduce site abandonment with targeted capture forms and offers. Learn more >

Email my basket - Popups - Optimised.png

Triggered emails

Drive loyalty by encouraging customers to buy from you again and again. Learn more >

Cart Email - Triggered Emails- Optimised.png


Increase revenue by suggesting products and content based on the shopper’s unique interests. Learn more >

Recommendations - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Dynamic content

Delight customers with targeted content that’s always up to date. Learn more >

Dynamic Content - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Social proof

Drive conversions and engagement through FOMO and wisdom of the crowd. Learn more >

Social Proof - Dynamic Content - Optimised.png


Localize promotions and drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar stores. Learn more >

Nearest Store - Geotargeting - Optimising.png

Behavioral targeting

Create granular segments to treat shoppers differently based on customer behavior and  lifecycle stage. Learn more >

Behavioral Targeting - Dynamic Content - Optimised.png

Ready to give reporting, testing and optimization a go?

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How does the technology work?

Fresh Relevance works quietly in the background of your site, capturing all available data. It tracks visitor behavior and product data using JavaScript, and combines that with historical transactional and stock level data from the eCommerce platform. 

How long does it take to get started?

Setup is simple and doesn’t require extensive IT implementation. Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with all ESPs and ecommerce platforms. Simply enter your ESP log-in credentials and add one line of JavaScript to your website and you’re off.

Will I receive help in the onboarding process?

Our experienced onboarding team will take you through the steps so you can start generating more revenue from day one. 

How much does it cost?

Our unique pricing model is based on the average traffic on your website. So you can use the purchased solutions as often as you like, the costs will stay the same. Contact us here for a quote.