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7 ways to keep customers engaged with post-purchase emails

7 ways to keep customers engaged with post-purchase emails Headshot

By Simon Nooranvary, Customer Success Consultant

Ecommerce post purchase email examples to re-engage customers

Effective eCommerce marketing doesn’t end when a customer buys your product. Marketers can maintain a strong relationship with shoppers by sending them relevant content once they’ve completed a purchase. After all, retaining customers is a more cost-effective strategy than acquiring new ones.

The ideal time to strengthen your customer relationship is while your brand is fresh in their mind: immediately after they’ve bought something.

Here are seven ways that online retailers can keep customers engaged after a purchase.


1. Provide shipping information

Reassure customers by giving them an insight into the shipping process, and update them on when their items will be delivered.


2. Offer outstanding customer service

Sending post-purchase emails is a perfect opportunity to establish a relationship that goes beyond simply buying and selling. For example, our research shows that many female shoppers enjoy receiving ideas on how to wear the clothing they have purchased. You can also provide information on how to care for the product.



3. Ask customers for feedback

Customer reviews are valuable to online retailers for a number of reasons. 

First, reaching out for reviews allows you to keep in touch with your customers and potentially set up another purchase.

Then, once you have collected customer reviews, you can add them in real time to your emails and web pages. Ratings and reviews are a powerful form of social proof and also give an SEO boost to your website.



4. Cross and upselling your products

Although some customers may not be ready to make another purchase straight away, a post-purchase email is an opportunity to keep your brand at the front of a shopper’s mind. Include recommended products based on the customer's recent browsing or purchase behavior, and take advantage of machine learning technology to show similar products the customer might like.



5. Send replenishment emails

For frequently purchased consumer goods, you can give customers a timely reminder to repeat the purchase they recently made. This kind of email should not be sent immediately, but when the customer might soon run out of the product.


6. Take advantage of micro conversions

While repeat purchases are the main target in post-purchase emails, it’s important to remember that small steps will add up to your goal A customer may not be ready for a further purchase, but you can focus on tempting them back to your site initially. Use this opportunity to encourage micro-conversions like social following by integrating social media into your emails.



7. Reactivate customers

Re-engage with customers you haven’t heard from in a while. Let them know that you miss them and potentially attach a coupon with money off their next purchase to encourage them to return to your website. Include product recommendations based on their previously browsed or purchased items and let them know you’re there for them when they are ready to make a purchase.



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7 ways to keep customers engaged with post-purchase emails Headshot

By Simon Nooranvary

Customer Success Consultant

As Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Simon ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform, and helps them overcome any technical difficulties.