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Our 6 Favorite Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

Valentine's Day ecommerce email best examples

Valentine's Day receives much publicity and engagement across all marketing channels - and email is no exception. Valentine's Day email volume is second only to Christmas email volume and whilst you may not celebrate V-Day, chances are you'll still receive multiple "love" orientated emails in the weeks coming up to the big day. It's just another excuse for marketers to promote sales and send countless amounts of emails, so how can you make sure your email stands out in the crowd? Here are some of our favorite examples. (Click on each image to view an enlarged version on our dedicated Pinterest board)

1. American Apparel

Presenting content in categories (Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her) helps subscribers find what they are looking for even quicker, and helps them to choose the perfect gift. Additionally, the email is straight-forward and to the point while remaining visually attractive.

2. Thorntons

Thorntons have incorporated a Countdown Timer to when free Valentine's Day shipping ends into their email. This drives a sense of urgency and alerts customers they don't have long left to secure their partner's gift - perfection!

3. Toolstop

The National Retail Federation uncovered that adding something free to your emails will help drive conversions; this could be free shipping (which they found gives the highest transaction rates and revenue per email), a free gift with a purchase or even just a percentage off a purchase. Toolstop have done exactly that with their Valentine's email by offering 5% off their entire store.

4. Apple

"Spread the love. Shop Valentine's gifts" - short, sweet and simple. Apple have managed to successfully turn a what should be very basic design idea into the ideal Valentine's Day email. The use of whitespace ensures the product images and Valentine's Day-orientated emojis really stand out and helps to catch the readers attention.

5. J.Crew Factory

A killer subject line is vital to any successful email campaign; it's the first (and sometimes the only) impression readers will get from your company. J.Crew Factory absolutely nail theirs as it leaves you wanting more. "Your secret admirer has a surprise for you. Want it?" Of course we do!

6. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods changed their usual, standard "view in browser" tag to make it more Valentine's Day friendly, adding "Email’s broken-hearted? View in a browser." - simple, but very effective.