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10 inspiring Independence Day emails (and why we love them)

June 7th 2023

Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker

Digital Marketing Assistant

The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day in the USA, is coming up. On this day, Americans celebrate the birth of the USA. This is a great time to join in with the celebrations with your customers using your email marketing.

Below are 10 examples of Independence Day emails – and explanations as to why we love them.

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Bed Bath & Beyond makes use of dynamic coupons

In the example below, Bed Bath & Beyond not only advertise their 4th July sale, but they also include two coupons at the top of their email. These coupons give customers the choice to redeem in-store or online, allowing them to do whichever is more convenient for them.

When using online coupons in your email marketing, make sure that when customers click on the CTA in your email, the coupon code is automatically applied using the link to your website to avoid customers’ frustrations.

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond email

Goedekers promote their huge Independence Day Sale

In this example, Goedekers announces their huge sale (65% off appliances, for example), as well as giving comprehensive personalized product recommendations that are available in the sales mentioned. 

Product recommendations have worked since the beginning of brick-and-mortar stores, and they continue to work online. By making use of personalized recommendations, you can show customers exactly what is relevant to their budget and their needs.

Source: Goedekers email

Invicta Store makes use of pun in their banner

Not only do Invicta Stores also make use of personalized product recommendations, they catch the customers’ eyes with their banner by using the words ‘flash sale’ and ‘explosive Independence Day emails’, hinting at the fireworks that people celebrate with on this special day. This may get a chuckle out of their customers, encouraging them to keep reading the email and find something they want to buy.

Source: Invicta Stores email

Kuoni prepares customers early for a truly American holiday

In the email below, Kuoni gives customers a travel destination recommendation: a holiday in New York and Los Angeles on the 4th July for customers to experience a truly American holiday. Using this date as an important day for traveling helps create urgency within customers to book on time.

Source: Kuoni email

Kylie Cosmetics catch their audience’s eyes with a flashing banner

What better way to grab your customers’ attention than by using the American flag’s colors flashing like fireworks at the very top of your email? This truly American email does just that, and continues their bold text announcing their Independence Day sales.

Source: Kylie Cosmetics email

Woolroom reassures customers that they are trustworthy

In the example below, Woolroom’s email not only includes an American flag with a clear CTA, but it also ends the email with a Trustpilot rating. This type of social proof helps ease purchase anxiety and speed up purchase decisions.

Source: Woolroom email

Ancestry reveals customers’ history related to America

Ancestry opens up an opportunity to find out what customers’ ancestors were doing during the original 4th of July, creating intrigue amongst customers that will help them convert.

In addition, they use another conversion tactic. The tactic they use is a case study in their email, which is another form of social proof that will help ease purchase decisions and create more intrigue within the customers. After all, if this person received such interesting information, what information would you receive about your ancestry?

Source: Ancestry email

Fast Growing Trees hosts a giveaway for the big day

In this visually-appealing and on-brand email, Fast Growing Trees invites customers to ‘Come Join the Fun’ and join in with their giveaway. This gamification tactic allows the company to collect zero-party data, as well as creating a bond with the customers. This bond can lead to more revenue due to the positive brand sentiment.

Source: Fast Growing Trees email

Blarney Woollen Mills allows customers to win big

At the end of this email there is an American flag with the announcement that there are 60 Irish prizes to win, worth over US$65000. This tactic creates positive brand awareness and sentiment, allowing the company to be at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Source: Blarney Woollen Mills email 

Framebridge reminds customers of a classic song

With their social proof in the form of a testimonial, Framebridge is already easing purchase anxiety.

But there’s even more reason to buy from them when reading the subheading ‘Born in the USA’. Not only is this true – the company is local to the USA – but it also reminds customers of the classic Bruce Springsteen song with the same title. Customers are sure to hum it for the rest of the day once reading this email, also bringing Framebridge at the forefront of their minds.

Source: Framebridge email

Final thoughts

We hope you have an amazing 4th July, wherever in the world you are. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board

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Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker

Digital Marketing Assistant

As Digital Marketing Assistant at Fresh Relevance, Danielle writes user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.