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Enhancement: Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants can take their store to the next level

July 17th 2020

David Henderson

By David Henderson


Here at Fresh Relevance, we support a wide range of eCommerce platforms and have the ability to support many more (including custom systems) on-demand.

Shopify has always been a key platform for us, and it’s been great to see how it has shone during the pandemic, providing a quick and easy way for offline retailers to pivot to online. We took this opportunity to refresh our Shopify and Shopify Plus App to ensure that we can combine our fantastic new features with the ease of installation of the Shopify App Store.

So what changed?

  • Our Shopify integration has enhanced support for our Product Variant / SKU-level recommendations and triggers. For example, recommendations can include related products in the same color as the item that the shopper is viewing.
  • Fresh Relevance has long supported multiple currencies and this is available by default with Shopify’s multi-currency support.
  • We refined the syncing between Shopify’s product collections and Fresh Relevance. This means the data in Fresh Relevance is up-to-date in real-time, ensuring that your product recommendations are always spot on.
  • Prices and stock levels are synced in real-time, allowing you to send price drop and back-in-stock triggered messages.
  • If you’re sending triggered emails, Fresh Relevance ensures that your shoppers can get back to the cart they left behind with our cart rebuild support, even if they click through from a different device to the one they were previously using.
  • We also added the ability to do cross-device cart rebuilds, including reconstructing personalized options the shopper selected. This is particularly important for sites that offer product personalization, such as jewelry engravings and leather embossing.
  • Shopify product options now get exposed in Fresh Relevance as category groups (e.g. Color:Red). You can even use your shopper’s preferred size in your marketing.

How to make use of the new enhancements

There are endless use cases for our integration with Shopify. Here are a few ideas:

  • Combine the variant support and the product syncing (which includes prices and stock levels) with Fresh Relevance’s powerful price drop and back-in-stock triggers to send highly personalized triggered emails to your customers for the exact SKUs at the right time.
  • With Fresh Relevance’s new AI-drive Price Affinity Predictor you can make your advertising spend work harder for you and reduce bounce rates by ensuring you show your prospective customers product recommendations in their ideal price range as soon as they hit your store.
  • Use the variant support in recommendations and triggers to show your customers the exact items they’ve interacted with, right down to the size and color.

When combined with Fresh Relevance’s deep integrations with a wide range of ESPs, you can benefit from a high identification rate to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, whether that’s migrating from a different eCommerce platform or looking to take your existing Shopify Store to the next level.

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David Henderson

By David Henderson


As CTO at Fresh Relevance, David leads the dev team. He has been instrumental in designing, building and scaling the platform to help marketers get awesome results by driving sales growth and strengthening customer engagement.