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Partner spotlight: Space 48

August 2nd 2021

By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

Partner spotlight

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with over 60 industry-leading platforms to help our clients create campaigns that delight their customers and boost conversions.

Each month, we’ll be spotlighting one of our partnerships to get you acquainted with our integration capabilities.

Read on to learn more about how we work with eCommerce agency, Space 48.

Why Space 48 and Fresh Relevance?

Space 48 is a UK-leading CX and eCommerce platform agency that helps businesses transform their commerce experience. They provide a full range of eCommerce consulting services, with a focus on designing solutions to improve end-customer experiences and drive online sales. The company has a long track record as an independent advisor across leading eCommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify.

Fresh Relevance enables businesses to design and execute highly effective personalization campaigns from start to finish, with no technical expertise needed. Our versatile personalization and decision engine seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, joins up data silos and offers powerful solutions to optimize the customer experience.

What Space 48 say

Read our short interview with Pete Robertshaw, Digital Commerce Consultant at Space 48 to learn more about the partnership and get insights into key eCommerce trends to look out for this year.

Please introduce yourself and Space48

My name’s Pete and I’m a Digital Commerce Consultant at Space 48. We’re an eCommerce agency, now based globally after we decided to give up our offices last year following the pandemic, so we’re now fully remote.

As an agency, we provide platform development solutions for our customers and consultancy around the commerce experience. We believe that eCommerce is never ‘done’. As retailers you have to keep evolving your online proposition to exceed your customers’ expectations and a major part of our role as an agency is to ensure our customers are constantly delivering the best commerce experience to their customers, be that through CRO, UX/UI or their Digital Marketing.

So our business is split into 2 key areas – development and consultancy – and it’s really the consultative nature of what we do that feeds our development team. From a technical point of view, we work primarily with Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify Plus, and our agnostic approach allows us to be impartial when it comes to advising our customers over the best platform that suits their requirements.

Can you tell us about one of your biggest client success stories?

Perhaps the biggest success story that I’ve personally been involved with was a client we onboarded back in June 2020 during the height of the pandemic. This client was on an overly complex Magento 2 platform which had a custom built front end. They were really struggling with performance and a lot of front end issues which were having a negative impact on their conversion. They needed to get off the existing platform in time for their peak trading period in September and October so needed a really quick turn around on a re-platform.

After completing a fairly rapid discovery with them, we identified that Shopify Plus would be a great fit for the project and got to work straight away. In just over 12 weeks, they were live with the new site and instantly started seeing triple digit growth through an instant improvement in their conversion.

We are now working with this client on an ongoing basis providing a full range of CX services, including Digital Acquisition, CRO, SEO training and UX Design so for us, what started out as a quick project has turned into what we hope is a long term relationship.

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Relevance?

We chose to partner with Fresh Relevance because we like to be able to recommend multiple solutions to our clients in all aspects of their tech. We’re not only agnostic from an eCommerce platform perspective but also in the tech partner space. We want to make sure that any technology solution we recommend is the best fit for our customers and if we only worked with one platform which provides Personalization, Search or Merchandizing, then we might not always be giving the customer the best advice.

Fresh Relevance has a great tech stack which ticks a number of boxes for our clients, from personalization and product recommendations, through to advanced segmentation and social proof. Not only is the tech stack great and feature rich, but the support we get from the team at Fresh Relevance has been great.

Even with the best tech in the world, we wouldn’t recommend our customers to a tech partner unless the support was there to back it up and Fresh Relevance certainly provides this.

What’s a key trend eCommerce leaders should be looking out for in 2021?

With much of the high street being closed last year, online shoppers have never been so prominent. We’ve seen many online retailers experience significant growth over the past 18 months and that trend is continuing. Customers who perhaps weren’t so bought into the online shopping experience before certainly are now, and retailers and their respective eCommerce leaders need to be thinking about how best to deliver that offline experience online.

Consumers will typically spend more in store than online because they can physically interact with the products in a way which is extremely difficult to replicate online. However, consumers’ expectations are now heightened and they demand a lot more from their brands so that means that retailers really need to think how they can bring that offline experience online.

The good news is, technology like Fresh Relevance can help achieve that goal through their excellent suite of products and services.

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By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager at Fresh Relevance, Arthur manages an extensive portfolio of partners to help eCommerce and travel brands benefit from the power of personalization.