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User Generated Reviews and Ratings in Emails

Ratings and Reviews

We use Social Proof as an indication of how trustworthy a website might be. If a site has good reviews and appears to be popular, visitors are reassured that it is likely to be genuine. A site with a good reputation is also less likely to sell faulty or substandard goods and/or services, as this could damage their brand’s reputation. Social Proof is also vital when shoppers are faced with uncertainty, such as buying a product for the first time.

Although there are many kinds of Social Proof, reviews and ratings are arguably the most powerful. Having a large number of reviews and ratings can help to build trust and credibility within your site, proven by MarketingSherpa who found that customer reviews boost clickthrough by 25% in eCommerce product emails. BazaarVoice and Trustpilot are some of many notable eCommerce reviews and rating providers in the market today.

By utilizing personalized triggered email automation platforms like Fresh Relevance, brands that include products and reviews on their website can now pull the same ratings and reviews into their triggered automated emails. 

Emma Bridgewater uses reviews and ratings on their website to convince shoppers that buying is the right choice.

Emma Bridgewater's Product Page 


Although many websites display reviews and ratings on their product pages, what's even more effective is adding these reviews to cart and browse abandon emails. This not only reminds customers of the products they have left behind but proves once and for all that purchasing is, in fact, the right choice. Emma Bridgewater and Weird Fish are able to pull in product ratings and reviews, automatically, 

Emma Bridgewater's Abandonment Email

Weird Fish's Promo Email



For more on other forms of Social Proof and how you can leverage them to drive online sales and engagement, download our eBook!

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