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How to tailor the customer journey for new and returning visitors with Experience Management

November 24th 2021

By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

How to tailor the customer journey for new and returning visitors with Experience Management - featured image

With Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management, you can tailor the entire customer journey through your site depending on customer behavior or over a specific time period, such as Black Friday.

Here are two examples of Experience Management in action to demonstrate how you can tailor the customer journey for new visitors vs. returning customers. With Experience Management, you can run two experiences like the ones below (and more) simultaneously, effectively enabling you to have multiple versions of your website running at the same time to ensure that the version shown to each shopper is optimal to that consumer’s needs.

New visitors


Upon landing on the homepage, you can present your new visitors with a generic banner and product recommendations based on bestsellers and new arrivals, since you don’t know their preferences yet. You can also encourage them to make their first purchase with a voucher code specifically for new visitors.

A couple of nice additions are the real-time Instagram feed to showcase social content and boost follower numbers and the dynamic countdown timer to increase urgency and excitement around sales and other important deadlines.

Product page

Once on the product page, you can remind new visitors of their special discount code with a banner. Product recommendations can be based on similar products to the one the shopper is browsing, since you still won’t know much about their preferences.


Data capture exit intent popovers are an effective way to capture data from first time visitors, which will then help you personalize their subsequent interactions with your brand.

Returning customers


Present returning customers with a personalized banner to welcome them back to the site and acknowledge their relationship with your brand. Product recommendations are another important addition, and this time you’ll be able to base them on behavioral data. In this example we’ve added ‘people like you bought’ recommendations. Voucher codes thanking customers for their loyalty are a nice way to boost engagement and conversions.

Product page

For returning customers, you can display recommendations based on their previous browse and purchase history to ensure the products being recommended resonate with their interests.

Just for you

Instead of the ‘New In’ navigation item we displayed for new visitors, in the returning customers examples you might have noticed a ‘Just For You’ section. Upon clicking here, returning customers are taken to a page that is personalized depending on their product preferences, in this case skiing vs snowboarding. The page displays recommendations based on their most browsed category and brands, as well as using geotargeting to highlight details of their closest physical store.

With Experience Management, it’s easy to tailor the customer journey and show shoppers entirely different experiences that are tailored to them, helping to boost engagement with your site and increase conversions.

Learn more about Experience Management here and book a demo to find out how Experience Management could help you meet your business goals.

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By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

As Solutions Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Scott manages the demonstration environment and helps the wider team to find the best possible product solutions for our clients.