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Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers. Here are great features that didn't get their own page.

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Multiple Trigger Types and Testing for Better Results

Fresh Relevance goes much further than recovering abandoned carts. Messages can be triggered by many different events: when products are back in stock or on sale, for example.

Post-purchase triggered messages welcome new customers and continue to build engagement with timely, personalized offers and information. Browse abandonment emails recover even more lost revenue from general browse sessions. 

Split Testing (A:B Testing)

Take the guesswork out of website and email optimization with the Fresh Relevance Split Testing. Use hard data and revenue to select the best content, not guesswork. 

You compare two or more alternative pieces of content, using percentage sliders to control how many shoppers see each of them. Then reset the sliders so the winning SmartBlock is shown 100% of the time.

Facebook Integration

Target Facebook Adverts to people such as your best customers - and optionally advertize to a much wider audience by targeting other people similar to them

For example, let's say you have a new product to sell. Use Segment Builder to select your existing customers who buy similar products, import this segment into Facebook as a "Custom Audience", create a "Lookalike Audience" in Facebook to select lots more people who resemble them and so are likely to buy, and show them Facebook adverts: read instructions, read more at

Real-time Data makes your Emails Personal with no Big Data Challenges

Fresh Relevance feeds real-time transactional and behavioral data directly from your shoppers’ browser sessions into your ESP: email service provider.

You get all the personalization and segmentation benefits of large database integration, with no heavy ‘big data’ work for your ESP and at a fraction of the cost. Read more

Your customers receive the right emailed offers at the right time – based specifically on their own browsing preferences - maximising engagement and increasing your sales.

Drag and Drop Multiple Content Options for Effortless Personalization

Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks and real-time feed options makes email personalization effortless.

Your marketing emails become an extension of your website, social media strategy and offer periods, with content that updates in real-time.

Product feeds are current, your embedded web content updates automatically, customers see your latest tweets and count-down timers are synced live.

Customer Profiling Made Simple

Blend behavioral, transactional and 3rd party data to build customer profiles to make communication highly relevant.

Fresh Relevance automatically updates profiles and synchronizes them with your email marketing platform whilst targeting web visitors with appropriate content.

Build or Enhance your Single Customer View

Fresh Relevance collects huge amounts of real-time data for you to use however you wish in any other platform.

The rich data we collect is available as a ‘firehose’ solution to empower any other database or analysis suite you might have.

Geo Targeted Content

Fresh Relevance knows where your customers are by blending web browsing location information, email open information, and delivery address. We also know where they plan to be, when they are booking products such as flights and hotel rooms. The result – a highly accurate real-time indication of where your customers are/will be when they are engaged with your brand. 

We can deliver regional creative, pricing and language translations, products for the current weather and season, or local store information.

Web Crop

Would you like to keep your email content in step with your web content? Maybe you would like to create engaging email content but you have limited time. 

Web Crop keeps email content in sync with web content. It captures Web Content for use in emails in real-time at the point of open. Latest offers or blog posts seamlessly integrate into any email.  

I can’t pick a favourite part of Fresh Relevance, I like everything!

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