See how Web Personalization uses real-time content to make every visit relevant

Learn how real-time recommendations increase online customer conversations.


Real-time content for your website

Personalize your website to bring your customers the individual service they want, and extend this level of relevancy across other digital channels.

Fresh Relevance personalizes your website using each of your customers’ individual shopping preferences. This shows each of your shoppers the content, products and recommendations they want to see.

Set up is fast, your customers see more content that increases conversions and you receive reports and alerts in real-time.

From the moment they arrive on your site, Fresh Relevance tracks every product your customers browses in true real-time. We identify them from any previous visit and products they’ve purchased or abandoned in the past.

Real-time product recommendations

Your customers begin to form an opinion of your site, products and recommendations from the moment they land. Fresh Relevance makes every second count by tracking, identifying and personalizing content for them in true real-time. 

Fresh Relevance provides a range of product recommendation options ranging from fully predictive, to fully defined by the marketer.

Control the look and feel of all content feeds, adding copy as appropriate for brand consistency, while each shopper’s experience feels personalized to them individually.

Real Time Product Recommendations Marketing
Targeted Web Content Marketing

Targeted web content

Fresh Relevance can target any web visitor with any type of web content using 'profiles' or highly granular customer data. 

Increase visitor identification and email list growth with targeted pop-ups, using the Fresh Relevance rule engine to ensure that your database grows and customers are not bombarded with annoying pop ups.

Import external data to use when targeting customers on your website with your deep analytical insight.

Your web content targeting is fully congruent with your email contact stragety.

Live Content

Personalize images on your website in real-time to balance the function of personalization with the graphical form of your brand.

Feed real-time data from back end systems directly into powerful images to bring the real-time dimension to life for your customers.

Get personal with your customers in a highly engaging, visual way.

Live Web Content Marketing
Countdown Timer Web Email Marketing

Countdown timers

Countdown timers for your website are very quick and easy to set up with Fresh Relevance. 

They are designed to work in email as well as web pages and can drive urgency in various ways including promoting sales starting and ending, highlighting next day delivery or same day order processing.  

As always, with Fresh Relevance you are in full creative control.

Whether it is a returning customer that is logged in or a new visitor, they are presented with products that are most likely to suit them.

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