Communicator Integration

Real-Time Email Marketing for Communicator

Communicator eases the process of managing data-driven marketing campaigns through marketing automation; send emails & SMS, collect customer data based on preferences and behavior, send 1-2-1 communications based on data collected, increase reach through social channels.

Fresh Relevance adds a real-time dimension to marketing communications sent via the Communicator platform and extends this to your website for a joined-up customer experience.

Omnichannel Personalization

Fresh Relevance works with Communicator to allow personalized content to be deployed for customers in a consistent way across all channels. Create behavioral segments using point and click functionality that are applied to any channel. Access a wide range of omnichannel content tools to delight your customers.

  • Product recommendations
  • Image personalization
  • Individualized coupons

Real-Time 1-2-1 Messaging

Give your customers a unique personalized experience however they interact with your brand.

  • Data capture Popovers using advanced targeting rules
  • Shopping cart abandonment triggered emails
  • Price drop email notifications
  • Back in stock email notification
  • Social proof 

Live Email Content

Give your customers a real-time relevant experience with Fresh Relevance contextual marketing tools.

Real-Time Customer Profiling

Fresh Relevance drives advanced behavioral profiling directly into Communicator and other marketing systems.

  • Behavioral profiles
  • Transactional profiles
  • Device usage and targeting
  • Raw data passed to your SCV 

Testing and Reporting

Optimize your personalized customer experience to ensure maximum engagement and conversion.

  • AB testing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Revenue tracking
  • Product activity
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Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK. Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content.


About Communicator

Communicator was formed in 2003 with a single goal; to ease the process of managing marketing campaigns. We’re an industry leader in email marketing providing a platform that can help you seamlessly deliver cross-channel campaigns incorporating the key channels of email, mobile, social and web.