Mailchimp Integration

Boost the potential of your Fresh Relevance platform.

Real-time Marketing for MailChimp

Turn Mailchimp into a screaming powerhouse that competes with the leading advanced email marketing platforms. Benefit from industry-leading Fresh Relevance customer support to guide you to the most effective personalized email marketing. 

You may have used the standard Mailchimp functionality but you need more and you don’t want to move to a new platform. You need to call Fresh Relevance.

Shopping Cart Abandonment and More:

  • Browse abandonment emails
  • Low price alert emails
  • Back in stock alert emails
  • Post Purchase emails
  • Automatic replenishment emails

Live Email Content

Deploy a range of agile email content tools in any email sent from Mailchimp:

  • Location based content
  • Weather content
  • Social content feeds
  • Advanced email product recommendations
  • Coupons

Behavioral and Transactional Data

Fed directly into Mailchimp in a usable way.

Whatever eCommerce platform you use, Fresh Relevance will make your eCommerce data available in Mailchimp for highly effective personalized/segmented emails.

Personalized Experience

Your email marketing conversions don’t happen in your email – they happen on your website. Fresh Relevance works with Mailchimp and your website to ensure a joined up personalized experience that increases conversions.  

Fresh Relevance Logo

Fresh Relevance is the comprehensive personalization platform for digital marketers that drives revenue and loyalty by delivering a targeted cross-channel customer experience. Powered by real-time data and machine learning, Fresh Relevance seamlessly works with the existing martech stack, unifies siloed data and tracks all customer behavior. Providing unique, actionable insights into each shopper, the platform helps select the most relevant tactics from an unrivalled range of digital marketing tools to guide customers along their journey across channels and devices.

Mailchimp Logo

More than 8 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp. Their features and integrations allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. And their detailed reports help you keep improving over time.

MailChimp has been around since 2001. It started as a side project funded by various web-development jobs. Now they send more than 600 million emails a day.