Pure360 Integration

Real-Time Email Marketing for Pure360

Fresh Relevance and Pure360 allow marketers to send clever, results-driven campaigns without over-complicating things. Ease of use, flexibility and time to deployment are things that Pure360 and Fresh Relevance customers say they experience with this integrated solution.

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Triggered Emails

Win back lost customers through Cart and Browse Abandonment emails. Include price drop targeting and back in stock alerts to engage with your customers using advanced, real-time triggered emails. Fresh Relevance open time content ensures your messages are real-time relevant and contextually correct.

Fresh Relevance provides a range of real-time triggered emails that are all fully integrated with Pure360 and are fully customizable dependent upon your branding.

Cart rebuild integration allows cart abandonment emails to work cross-channel, for example abandon on your mobile then click the cart abandonment email on your desktop.

Agile Email Content

Use a range of real-time content tools to personalize any email from Pure360, based on the categories of products people have browsed the most and many other metrics.

Use real-time Countdown Timers to drive urgency, personalized images to create engagement and dynamic web crops to seamlessly integrate latest offers or blog posts into your Pure360 emails. Utilize every opportunity to build your customer experience, through customer experience management.

Product Recommendations

Fresh Relevance machine learning techniques deliver real-time personalized product recommendations across email, mobile and web, delivering cross-channel personalization.

Recommend products based on previously browsed and previously purchased products, and customer behavior.

Social Proof

Drive email engagement, and create urgency to motivate buyers online by using Fresh Relevance Social Proof. Show email recipients and website visitors real-time product interaction information right in the moment.

Social Integrations

Include your social posts in emails and display them on your web pages to increase engagement. Fresh Relevance provides integrations with three of the largest social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Fresh Relevance Logo

Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK. Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content.


About Pure360

Founded in 2001, Pure360 are a UK-based email & SMS marketing provider who specialise in understanding their clients and getting the very best results from their campaigns. They work with over 1400 organisations including brands such as innocent drinks, The FT, Bravissimo, PayPal and Occam.

Their company vision is “redefining email to transform our customers’ digital marketing results”. They allow marketers to send clever, results-driven campaigns without over complicating things.

They believe the future of the digital marketing landscape is a best-of-breed platform, integrated into key business systems to allow recipients to receive personalised, targeted campaigns built around their behaviour.