Trustpilot Integration

Real-Time Email Marketing for TRUSTPILOT

Integrate Trustpilot reviews in Emails and Web Pages.

Fresh Relevance pulls your product reviews from the TrustPilot API, including scores and counts.

It can then use these review scores within product recommendations in all your emails and web pages.

This is a great use of social proof that encourages your shoppers to buy.

Fresh Relevance supports other reviewing platforms platforms too, so this is for everyone, not just for Trustpilot. Click here to read more.

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People use Social Proof not just when choosing between products, but as an indication of how trustworthy a website might be.

A site that publicises its a good reputation by displaying its review scores is thought less likely to sell faulty or substandard goods and/or services, as this could damage their brand’s reputation.

Social Proof is also vital when shoppers are faced with uncertainty, such as buying a product for the first time.

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Although there are many kinds of Social Proof, reviews and ratings are arguably the most powerful.

Having a large number of reviews and ratings can help to build trust and credibility within your site, proven by MarketingSherpa who found that customer reviews boost clickthrough by 25% in eCommerce product emails.

BazaarVoice and Trustpilot are two of many notable eCommerce reviews and rating providers in the market today.

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Trustpilot is committed to being the most trusted online review community on the market. We give everyone a voice Genuine reviews written by consumers are published instantly without censoring, and businesses can see and reply to them. Read more.