Animed Direct sees revenue uplifts with abandonment emails and dynamic content

Animed Direct's primary retention channel is email, which means growing their subscriber list and sending relevant communications is vital to keeping customers engaged and boosting repeat purchases.

With their existing cart abandonment program yielding low send volumes, and no browse abandonment solution in place, Animed Direct turned to Fresh Relevance. 

"I saw that with Fresh Relevance we could identify more customers, increase our ID rate and send browse abandonment emails, as well as make use of the advanced data capture elements to drive our sign ups," says Lauren Dougherty, eCommerce CRM Manager, Animed Direct.

Lauren continues: “Fresh Relevance was really quick to implement - it only took our dev team a couple of hours! And in terms of using the actual platform, I can't stress enough how helpful the support team has been. I also have regular calls with our account manager, which is great to have that regular contact and brainstorm ideas and strategies.”


A UK based online veterinary dispensary company offering prescription and non-prescription medicines, premium pet foods and pet care products.

Solutions Used

1010% Increase in cart abandonment revenue
423% Increase in cart abandonment send volume
41% Increase in revenue per email
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Cart and browse abandonment emails

The first task on Animed Direct’s to-do list was setting up cart abandonment emails, and within three months they were already seeing significant improvements. “The results have been fantastic,” says Lauren as she explains: “Revenue from cart abandonment emails is up 1010% since launching with Fresh Relevance versus the previous provider. Revenue per email has increased by 41% and our send volume has increased by 423%.”

Animed Direct’s browse abandonment emails launched one month later and have been a similar success story. “In two months, our browse abandonment emails have driven revenue for automated emails up by 32%,” says Lauren. The engagement rates have also been positive. Lauren explains: “Our browse abandonment emails are exceeding our channel averages.”

Dynamic content

The Animed Direct team were keen to give their BAU newsletters a boost with Fresh Relevance’s dynamic content SmartBlocks. “We used a dynamic banner that pulled in the name of the customer’s pet for our Christmas launch email, and we’re also using countdown timers to let customers know our festive offers are coming soon,” says Lauren. 

Animed Direct are also using dynamic content in their triggered emails, using product recommendations to drive brand awareness of other products they sell to promote repeat purchase and suggesting popular products in their lead activation emails to subscribers who haven’t made a purchase yet. They have also included an Instagram feed in their welcome emails to help drive their newest social media channel.

The results speak for themselves. “Over 3 months, SmartBlocks have added significant additional revenue to our BAU newsletters and shown positive early results on CTOR,” says Lauren.

Animed Cart Abandonment Email
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Future plans

Animed Direct are keen to increase the click to open rates across their BAU newsletters by trialling Fresh Relevance’s segment builder to create bespoke segments, as well as increasing their use of dynamic content across both BAU and automated sends. 

“We've seen a really great ROI with Fresh Relevance and we've only just scratched the surface of what we can do,” says Lauren.