FFX Tools hits the nail on the head with personalized dynamic emails


FFX supplies premium hand tools, power tools and accessories to contractors, building firms and the DIY sector. The company launched its eCommerce channel in 2009 and is always looking for new ways to provide customers with the right tools for their needs.


The company was already keeping in touch with subscribers through bulk marketing emails. The next step was to engage customers with real-time communications that treated them as individuals.

“We needed a way to easily include dynamic content in emails,” says Chris Hibbard, Content and Systems Support Manager at FFX Tools. “Fresh Relevance had the flexibility to get creative and personalize emails as we needed.”


Leading provider of premium hand and power tools.

Solutions Used

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FFX Tools started using Fresh Relevance in 2017 to recover revenue with cart abandonment emails. The company quickly built on basic triggered emails by introducing real-time personalized content.

Cart and browse abandonment messages are personalized based on shoppers’ brand affinity. This was a priority for the company, as power tool buyers tend to be loyal to certain brands due to compatibility requirements.

For example, a shopper who carted a Makita power tool is likely to need accessories from the same brand. These customers receive an email with a hero image based on the make of the carted product, and product recommendations from the same manufacturer.

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“We’re now using Fresh Relevance product recommendations in most of our emails,” says Chris. “They’re really easy to use. Plus, we can customize the types of products that appear based on our needs, and get great results.” The company’s personalized cart and browse abandonment emails achieve an impressive click to open rate of 45%.

Bulk marketing emails have been another success. The click to open rate has soared from 3 to 25% with the inclusion of dynamic, personalized content.

Real-time dynamic pricing is perfect for emails containing flash deals. Previously, customers would be frustrated after seeing a deal in an email only to discover that the product had returned to its original price. Now, live prices can be served at the time of open.

Email performance has been further enhanced thanks to the company’s new data capture strategy. The addition of a popover to the website has helped generate more high quality contacts, contributing to a decrease in unsubscribes from 2% to 0.07%.

To get the most out of the platform, FFX has enlisted the help of the Fresh Relevance services team: “I love the Fresh Relevance team,” says Chris. “Whoever I’m speaking to, they’re always willing to help and dive right in to solve the problem. The services package is great value because it helps you discover the breadth of what you can do and get excited about the technology.”

Future plans

Building on the success of cart abandonment emails, FFX is eager to introduce more sophisticated triggered email programs such as post-purchase messages reminding customers to sign up for a warranty. The company also hopes to boost order values with the introduction of relevant upsell banners on the cart page.

Hibbard concludes: “The one piece of advice I would give to another online retailer considering using Fresh Relevance is: If you’re considering it, use it!”