Jewellerybox makes SEO gains and achieves significant sales uplifts with Fresh Relevance


An online jewellery retailer based in the UK, selling unique pieces of sterling silver & 9ct gold jewellery to customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Jewellerybox knew they wanted to incorporate AI product recommendations into their website and optimize their basic cart abandonment program, but a lack of internal resources meant they needed a tool to help them achieve their goals. When it came down to choosing the right tool, Fresh Relevance’s simple implementation and time saving capabilities helped make their decision easy. “We were looking for a tool that could be implemented without developer resources. Fresh Relevance ticked that box since it was all front end javascript and didn’t require API access to our backend, which meant we were up and running in a matter of days,” explains Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing at jewellerybox.

“Having an account manager has made a huge difference when it comes to getting the most out of the tool and the support team have also been a big help. They’re really quick to respond and genuinely helpful, which is refreshing when it comes to tools like this,” continues Nathan.

Increase in abandoned cart revenue
Improvement in internal linking
Increase in conversion rates with countdown timer

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Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment was first on the to do list for jewellerybox. “Once Fresh Relevance was implemented, we quickly started using cart abandonment and immediately saw results. The fact that we were able to get something working on day one was a real bonus for us,” says Nathan.

Nathan continues: “We had a very basic cart abandonment set up before. Shoppers would need to have logged into their account, signed up for an account or registered as a guest in order for us to send them an abandoned cart email. And those emails were non-personalized, they didn’t show the products and they didn’t include social proof. Now with Fresh Relevance we’re able to capture those emails as soon as they’re entered, enabling us to send a lot more cart abandonment emails. We’ve seen a 25% increase YoY in abandoned cart revenue with Fresh Relevance. This is also helped by the addition of customer reviews on our cart page.”

“We’ve seen a 25% increase YoY in abandoned cart revenue with Fresh Relevance.”
Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing, jewellerybox

Dynamic countdown timer and social proof

Jewellerybox are also making use of Fresh Relevance’s dynamic countdown timer functionality on their product pages, counting down to the same day shipping cut off.

“Since implementing the countdown timer we’ve seen a 5% increase in conversion rates in the two hours prior to the same day shipping cut off,” says Nathan.

When the cut off time has passed, jewellerybox replaces the countdown timer with Fresh Relevance’s social proof functionality to display product reviews.

“Previously, we saw a 5% drop off after the 4pm cut off time, which we don’t see now thanks to social proof,” explains Nathan.


With Nathan’s technical SEO background, he was keen to use Fresh Relevance to optimize the jewellerybox website for search. Firstly, Nathan used Fresh Relevance to improve their internal linking structure.

“We have around 8000 products on our site. Before Fresh Relevance, we had to link them to each other manually. Of course, natural human biases meant some products were being favored over others, and some products weren’t being seen by Google,” explains Nathan.

Nathan continues: “Fresh Relevance has helped us overcome this issue. We were able to use Fresh Relevance via the API and render the block on our end, which meant Google could crawl it and subsequently, it rendered faster. Ultimately, we could immediately interlink all our products without manually touching them. Thanks to Fresh Relevance, we’ve improved our internal linking by 80%. What’s more, we also saw an improvement in the pages that Google had indexed. Of the pages that weren’t previously indexed, 25% immediately became indexed after implementing this particular feature, which means we’re now getting traffic to those pages.”

The second way Nathan has improved jewellerybox’s SEO with Fresh Relevance is by using the product slider functionality on their 404 pages.

“Now, if a product becomes discontinued and we don’t have a specific page to redirect it to, we can pull the product ID into Fresh Relevance and add product recommendations to that page based on past purchase data of shoppers who have bought that particular discontinued product,” says Nathan.

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Product recommendations

Jewellerybox’s product recommendations successes extend beyond SEO.

“We’ve added a slider with AI similar product recommendations at the bottom of our product pages with a fallback of ‘products that people bought with this’ recommendations. On the homepage, we have ‘people like you buy’ recommendations, with a fallback to ‘frequently browsed’ and ‘new arrivals’. With product recommendations, we’ve seen shoppers converting at double the rate of the site average,” says Nathan.

“Thanks to Fresh Relevance, we’ve improved our internal linking by 80%. What’s more, we also saw an improvement in the pages that Google had indexed.”
Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing, jewellerybox

Future plans

“We’ve been working on a roadmap with our account manager, and next up we have our sights set on data capture. Currently, we don’t have any data capture in place prior to purchase. Since students make up a significant portion of our target market, we’re planning to use Fresh Relevance to identify shoppers with email addresses and display a tailored data capture popover so we can create a marketing campaign for that segment,” says Nathan.

“We’re also planning to further optimize our cart abandonment email program by sending a second email to cart abandoners if they haven’t returned to their cart after the first email. We’ll also be using Fresh Relevance to set up A/B testing around email subject lines,” Nathan continues.

To anyone considering Fresh Relevance Nathan says, “I would recommend it. It’s definitely a time saver and will enable you to do things you wouldn’t have been able to without it.”