Vapouriz increases AOV by 29% with onsite personalization

Find out how Vapouriz increases their marketing database and boosts average order value.


The need to capture accurate customer data and personalize the email and website experience all at once.


600% increase in montly subscriber rate with popovers

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Data capture popovers, cart & browse abandonment emails, product recommendations & social proof tactics.

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“Working with Fresh Relevance has been a really positive, professional experience. There are continual, two-way conversations and the support is great.”

Sherren Atkinson, Head of eCommerce, Vapouriz

“We wanted to work with a company that offered more than just cart abandonment and we wanted to be able to manage the campaigns ourselves. We also needed a tool that could integrate with Dotdigital, our ESP, but most importantly, we needed a solution that could grow with us. Fresh Relevance ticked all those boxes,” continues Shereen.

Vapouriz is the leading electronic cigarette and e-liquid brand in the UK, manufacturing almost 200 different flavors to sell online.

Providing a tailored, targeted customer experience that delivers the right content to the right people is important to Vapouriz, since vaping products fall into distinct categories with little crossover. Additionally, vaping industry online advertising restrictions mean conversion and retention are crucial stages in the buying journey for companies like Vapouriz.

With the need to capture accurate customer data and personalize the email and website experience, and only a basic abandoned cart solution in place, Vapouriz turned to Fresh Relevance to optimize their largest site, We caught up with Sam Norris, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Shereen Atkinson, Head of eCommerce and James Marten, CRM and Digital Marketing Executive to find out more.

“We were already using an abandoned cart solution, but we felt restricted and the ROI was questionable.” says Shereen.


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increase in AOV with cart abandonment emails


increase in AOV with browse abandonment email


increase in monthly subscribe rate with popovers


increase in AOV with onsite personalization


Data capture popovers

Vapouriz got straight to work with Fresh Relevance to implement a data capture popover on their website, ensuring they were capturing shoppers’ details to improve the overall customer journey.

“We’ve seen significant growth in our email lists since we implemented the data capture popover nine months ago. We set up the popover just before the UK went into lockdown, which was perfect timing since our website traffic increased during this time, making the popover incredibly effective,” says James..

“Previously we had a static block on the homepage and a checkbox in the cart, and it wasn’t the most dynamic solution. By implementing a triggered popover our average monthly subscribe rate has increased on average by over 600%,” continues James.



Cart & browse abandonment

With retention high on the agenda, Vapouriz made use of Fresh Relevance’s cart abandonment functionality, including a dynamic SmartBlock recommending products shoppers can add to their cart to meet the free delivery threshold.

With Fresh Relevance, Vapouriz has a higher then average cart abandonment ID rate, enabling them to reach a large number of customers with triggered abandonment email program.

“We’ve seen a 10% increase in AOV from our cart abandonment emails and a 25% increase in AOV from our browse abandonment emails,” says James.

Vapouriz are continually optimizing their abandonment emails by using Fresh Relevance to test send times.



Product recommendations

The huge increase in demand for vaping products during the Covid-19 lockdown meant Vapouriz were faced with inevitable stock issues and needed a solution in place to avoid customer frustrations and potential lost revenue.

“We worked with Fresh Relevance to put together an
out-of-stock popover that would trigger on the pages of products that were out-of-stock, recommending alternative products for customers to purchase instead,” explains Sam.

“We’ve seen a 29% increase in AOV thanks to onsite personalization,” says Sam.


“Having a solution like Fresh Relevance was vital for us because it ensured we didn’t have huge exit bounce rates”

Shereen Atkinson, Head of Retention, Vapouriz



Social proof

Vapouriz are using Fresh Relevance’s social proof functionality to display star ratings and reviews on products throughout their email and website marketing. These ratings & reviews are pulled through form their review provider, Yotpo. “We already knew that conversion rates double for users who interacted with reviews on our site and we wanted to make more of this. We took the decision to include star ratings on our SmartBlocks after trailing the social proof module,” explains Sam.



Future plans

Next on the agenda for Vapouriz is a post-purchase email program. “We’re keen to implement post-purchase emails and we want to get really granular with our targeting,” says Sam. A key goal for Vapouriz is personalizing the customer journey even further.

“Ultimately, we want to create targeted on-site experiences for each user and take them through their buying journey with relevant products, and we’ll be using a lot of Fresh Relevance tools to tailor that experience”, explains Shereen.


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