How won Black Friday 2014

Out of our clients, they did the best-performing marketing in the best-performing sector (high-tech) (report). They won the day with good design, and easy-to-use and powerful Fresh Relevance features such as count down timers and product feeds. Here are the details of how they did it...

Congratulations guys!


On Black Friday

7dayshop's Black Friday marketing began with an email campaign (click to see)

Then a large Black Friday announcement on the Home Page (click to enlarge)

Clicking the Black Friday announcement showed the current deal page, below (click to enlarge, or left/right for successive products)

What you are looking at is a single current deal page that changed as time passes. It contained a list of Fresh Relevance count-down-timers: one count-down-timer per deal. Each deal was was live for one hour - so there was only one deal active at once. The topmost timers were not yet visible, each waiting its time slot. The current live timer provided content for the main part of the page, with details of its offer and a countdown clock to generate urgency. And below were the timers for expired offers. Each showed as a single line with "Expired" and a product link, so shoppers could still click-through to the products if they want to buy related merchandise. These timers were all cached by our CDN, so they loaded very efficiently.

Clicking "BUY NOW" now took you to the standard page for the product (click to enlarge)

Note how this includes 2 Fresh Relevance product feeds:  alternative products on the left (because maybe you would prefer something slightly different, even if it's not on offer), and additional extras at the bottom to encourage upsell with related products. Both these product feeds are based on crowdsourced data and product categories. The important thing was to suggest items that are somewhat related and popular, because Black Friday is peak Christmas present buying time, and lots of shoppers were looking for popular gifts for the geek in their family. sales numbers are were very much higher as a result of this marketing on Black Friday, compared to a normal day.

On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday continued the theme, with another email campaign (click to see)

Then a large Cyber Monday announcement on the Home Page (click to enlarge)

Clicking the announcement showed the Cyber Monday deals page (click to enlarge, or left/right for other products)

7dayshop tried a different approach for Cyber Monday, with a single page that just displayed all their products that had Cyber Monday offers. They indicated this by tagging products with a specific category; then a simple Fresh Relevance product feed selected, extracted, re-ordered and displayed them.

Clicking "BUY NOW" now took you to the standard page for the product (click to enlarge)

Note the feeds of alternative product suggestions, as mentioned above.
This Cyber Monday marketing was a much simpler approach than Black Friday's, but also performed well.

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