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Feature highlight: B2B personalization

January 23rd 2023

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

We’re excited to introduce the Fresh Relevance B2B personalization module.

If you sell to business customers, you know that because they are typically high value and relatively small in number, it’s really important to make the most of every single customer interaction. Providing a seamless and personalized consumer-like buying experience enables you to help your customers buy more easily and explore more of your product range. Helping your customers helps you to boost conversions and foster long-lasting client relationships.

Our B2B personalization module adds to our full suite of functionality, including cross-channel personalization, advanced triggered messaging, customer data management and optimization features. The module provides support for multiple price lists, which empowers you to display the correct prices according to each individual customer’s contract.

Use cases

There are many ways your business could benefit from Fresh Relevance’s B2B personalization module. For example, you can:

  • Display the correct prices for each individual’s contract, via Fresh Relevance’s support of multiple price lists.
  • Show different prices for logged-in trade vs retail vs logged-out trade and deliver separate customer experiences for each group.
  • Exclude products which aren’t available to particular clients (for example, due to location or licensing).
  • Allow sales staff to see a visitor’s activity on your site, such as products browsed.
  • Deliver highly relevant and timely communications with triggered emails, helping you get as close to 1:1 marketing as you can get with your valued trade buyers and ensuring you respect their time and expertise.
  • Display different delivery mechanisms depending on the customer’s location with geotargeting technology.
  • Only include in-stock products in recommendations.
  • Use back-in-stock alerts.
  • Recommend products based on category affinity, for example displaying different products depending on the customer’s trade (such as roofer vs joiner).
  • Recommend products based on brand affinity, for example as premium hand and power tools retailer FFX does on their homepage, recommending specific tools to shoppers who have browsed or purchased from that brand before.

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Learn more

Book a demo to learn more about the Fresh Relevance B2B personalization module and how it could help your business and learn more about marketing your B2B products in our complete guide to B2B marketing.

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

Mike Austin is co-founder and CEO at Fresh Relevance. Recognizing the challenge of data aggregation in the ecommerce space, Mike launched Fresh Relevance in 2013 with co-founders Eddy Swindell and Pete Austin to solve this need and optimize the customer journey.