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Find out how HTS Spares recover lost cart abanbdonment revenue, boost average order value and increase their marketing database.


The company turned to Fresh Relevance to enhance their email automation program


£394K revenue in 9 months through cart abandonment emails

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Cart abandonment emails, purchase complete emails, data capture, product recommendations, onsite popovers

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HTS Spares is a leading supplier of machinery spares and consumable products to construction workshops worldwide. With a problematic integration between their ESP and custom built website hindering their plans to enhance their email automation program, HTS Spares turned to Fresh Relevance.

We spoke with Courtney Bray, Marketing Executive at HTS Spares to learn more.

“Before we started using Fresh Relevance, the integration between our website and ESP wasn’t working well. We weren’t able to pull through all of the data and the data we did pull through was often incorrect. Now we make use of Fresh Relevance and their integration with dotdigital and it’s working really well,” says Courtney.


“I find Fresh Relevance really easy to use and it’s made my life a lot easier, especially the automation side of things.”

Courtney Bray, Marketing Executive, HTS Spares 


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in revenue over the last 9 months through cart abandonment emails


new contacts generated from data capture in 9 months


in revenue from product recommendation popovers


impressions from product recommendation popovers in 4 months


Cart abandonment emails

HTS Spares used Fresh Relevance to create a 2-stage cart abandonment program, with the first email triggering 30 minutes after a shopper has abandoned their cart and a second email triggering after 24 hours.

“We’re a B2B company and the basket building stage is a really important step in the customer journey in our industry, so the cart abandonment program serves as a good reminder for shoppers,” explains Courtney. “We’ve generated £394K in revenue over the last 9 months alone.

HTS Spares’ cart abandonment emails include ‘people like you buy’ product recommendations to show items that other shoppers with similar browse and purchase history have also gone on to buy. “In our industry, people typically only buy what they need, so the product recommendations enable us to encourage them to add more to their baskets. The fact that the recommendations are AI-driven and automated also makes it really easy,” says Courtney.


“We couldn’t believe how much easier it was and how much time we’ve saved.”

Courtney Bray, Marketing Executive, HTS Spares



Purchase complete emails

With Fresh Relevance, the HTS Spares team was able to automate a previously manual and time consuming process of setting up purchase complete emails. “We used to manually import a list of customers who had made an order into our ESP on a weekly basis. Fresh Relevance has saved us around a day of work per week. We couldn’t believe how much easier it was and how much time we’ve saved,” says Courtney.


Data capture popovers

Courtney and the team were keen to grow the HTS Spares mailing list and implemented two data capture popovers on the website to help achieve this – one for new visitors and one for existing customers, with the new visitors popover including a 10% discount if they sign up to the newsletter. “We’ve gained more than 460 new contacts from the popovers over the last 9 months and have generated £23K in revenue. We’re really happy with the results. It’s great that it’s automated, as I don’t need to touch it and it just goes on in the background,” says Courtney.

HTS Spares also has a product recommendation popover on their checkout page, with ‘people like you buy’ recommendations. “The popover has generated £38K in revenue since we implemented it 4 months ago and it’s had over 17,000 impressions,” explains Courtney.



Future plans

HTS Spares plans to make use of Fresh Relevance’s integration with to incorporate ratings and reviews into their personalization and marketing automation strategy.

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