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You asked, we listened: Q1 2022 platform enhancements driven by our customers

You asked, we listened: Q1 2022 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Daisy Gray, Senior Customer Success Consultant

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At Fresh Relevance, our clients’ feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap. 

Here’s a roundup of the Q1 2022 platform enhancements that were specifically designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

1) Goal Optimization added to A/B Split Test

Streamline your A/B tests with your optimization goals as the primary focus, saving you time and energy.

Challenge: Testing is time and resources intensive, particularly monitoring and evaluating which content best satisfies your individual goal.   

Solution: We've added a drop down menu for optimization goals within the A/B testing section and reporting function. 

So what: It’s now ready for you to use. Set up a new A/B test and start optimizing towards your goals. Automatically optimize based on current goals, such as increase revenue, increase AOV and more. 

Learn more about our Advanced Testing & Optimization module

2) Disengaged Visitors rule added to Segments

Re-engage website visitors who haven’t interacted with your site for a certain period of time with our new Disengaged Visitors segmentation option. 

Challenge: Reaching those disengaged visitors can be a struggle so we have added a new customizable rule to help you refine your strategy and re-engage those potential customers. 

Solution: We've created a brand new rule for Disengaged Visitors. 

So what: Quickly and easily setup Disengaged Visitors Segments and export contacts to re-target on re-engagement campaigns. Alternatively only show discounts to lapsed customers. 

Learn more about our Segments tool



3) SMS Channel added

Engage your shoppers at key moments in their customer journey with personalized SMS messages. 

Challenge: With an increasingly competitive marketing landscape, we're always looking for ways to help our customers reach shoppers at the right place and right time.

Solution: We've created a new SMS Triggers feature that enables customers to engage shoppers with 1:1 personalized messages. With SMS messages having typical open rates of 98% and response rates of 45%, you can ensure that you are communicating via a highly responsive channel for your customers. 

So what: Mirror triggered messaging with high value signals such as abandoned cart, price drop and more. Sending triggered SMS messages will help you reach more customers and get quicker responses. 

Learn more about our SMS Triggers feature

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You asked, we listened: Q1 2022 platform enhancements driven by our customers Headshot

By Daisy Gray

Senior Customer Success Consultant

As Senior Customer Success Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Daisy ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.