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7 Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns we appreciate

Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker, Content Marketing Intern

18th October 2022

Thanksgiving is a season of reflection and gratitude. For online businesses, though, the holiday season isn’t a time to sit and rest – it’s a busy time to increase those holiday season sales.

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some examples of Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns, and we’ll delve into why they work well.

Ready to be inspired and reflect on what your future Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns might look like? Let’s get started.

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1) Lovesac shares their gratitude

It’s always nice to feel appreciated. In this simple note from the CEO and co-founder, Lovesac expresses gratitude to their most loyal customers and wishes them a happy Thanksgiving day.

Source: Lovesac email

2) Laura makes use of personalized product recommendations

In the Thanksgiving email example below, the company Laura includes personalized product recommendations in the section “We think you’ll also love”. This helpful content will aid customers in their Thanksgiving prep and help them avoid feeling overwhelmed by focusing in on what they need and want based on previous purchase and browse behavior.

Source: Laura email

3) Bed Bath & Beyond gives the gift of discounts

What better way to thank your loyal customers and wish them a happy Thanksgiving than to give them a discount? Bed Bath & Beyond decided to take it to the next level by including multiple coupons in their Thanksgiving email below.

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond email

When using a discount code or coupon code in your own email marketing campaign, whether it’s a Thanksgiving email or not, remember to make sure that the link in your emails takes the customer straight to the offer’s page.

Also, make sure you are only using coupons if that isn’t going to harm your financial margins, or harm your brand image. You can segment customers into bargain hunters versus high-value customers, and send coupons only to those who usually only buy when there’s a discount to be had – and not to those high-value customers, who might think lowly of your brand if you do.

4) Fracture sends out Thanksgiving prizes to be won

Fracture uses a gamification strategy, in which loyal customers can win a happy Thanksgiving prize if they are subscribed to their opt-in email marketing. This works as new customers who have heard of this campaign are likely to want to opt-in to your email marketing campaigns, hoping to win a Thanksgiving gift or maybe a different gift in future email campaigns.

Source: Fracture email

5) Rover reminds customers which pet sitters are available in the area

Maybe you’re traveling back to your parents’ home and they’re allergic to your pet. Or maybe it is too far to travel. Either way, Rover knows you may need a pet sitter to look after your beloved pet.

In fact, they even include a link to ‘search local sitters’ in their Thanksgiving emails, leading customers to their website that makes use of geotargeting. In this case, it means that when customers search for pet sitters on their website, the website can automatically show where the nearest pet sitters are to them at that moment. This makes it easy for customers to find people in their area qualified to help.

Source: Rover email

This tactic could work for searching for customers’ closest brick-and-mortar store, if you are a retailer or travel agent. The options are endless, so we encourage you to be creative!

6) Card Factory eases purchase anxiety

Card Factory has lots of holiday season cards, and in this email they highlight their Thanksgiving day cards range. Crucially, they also include their high service and product rating at the bottom, making sure customers feel reassured that Card Factory is a trustworthy company to buy from.

Source: Card Factory email

7) Crate&Barrel spotlights their customers using UGC

In the Thanksgiving email below, Crate&Barrel makes use of user-generated content (UGC), by including a feed of images that were made and posted by their customers on Instagram. Similarly to the example above, this creates trust for new customers with the company, as well as showing gratitude to loyal customers.

They also include an opt-in option for SMS messaging, and include a 10% off incentive, allowing them to fill their database with the most loyal subscribers.

Finally, they also make use of personalized product recommendations, showing shoppers products that are ‘loved by shoppers like you’. This technique works because customers are more likely to follow the wisdom of the crowd, and will therefore be more likely to buy the products from this Thanksgiving email as that’s what others have done as well.

Source: Crate&Barrel email

Final thoughts

You can find more Thanksgiving email marketing  inspiration on our Pinterest board and for more peak season personalization tips, download our eBook: The eCommerce guide to peak season personalization


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Danielle Beuker

By Danielle Beuker

Content Marketing Intern

As Content Marketing Intern at Fresh Relevance, Danielle writes user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.