Newsletter pop-up tailored to referring traffic source


Make your Instagram ad budget work smarter with personalization

Marketers choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Display landing page content that’s customized to the clicked Instagram ad. 
  • Tailor onsite pop-ups to the referring traffic source, e.g. Instagram.
  • Use live Instagram UGC in your bulk and triggered emails.
  • Show Instagram posts on your website and landing pages.

Target your Instagram ad spend more effectively

  • Boost conversions by ensuring that the content of the Instagram ad is reflected on your landing page.
  • Welcome new website visitors with a pop-up that’s tailored to their referring traffic source, e.g. Instagram.
  • Pull authentic, real-time user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram into web pages and emails, filtered by a hashtag of your choice. Clicking a photo takes the shopper to the Instagram post, enticing them to follow your brand.

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Comprehensive set of cross-channel personalization tools

Features include dynamic content, social proof, behavioral targeting, advanced email capture, product recommendations and triggered emails.

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Extensive dashboards

Access granular insights into how each segment is performing. Test and optimize marketing based on customer behavior and ROI.

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Improved website identification rate

Fresh Relevance identifies more shoppers across channels and devices than any other platform which enables you to email more shoppers.