Cheetah Digital Integration

Real-Time Email Marketing for Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital activates your marketing. Collect, manage and activate billions of individual customer records to deliver timely, relevant messages across every channel.

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Personalized Web Content

Use Fresh Relevance’s real-time web personalization tools to deliver personalized and relevant experiences to your customers at each stage of the sales cycle and throughout their lifetime as a customer.

Utilize every opportunity to build your customer experience.

eCommerce Integration

Fresh Relevance integrates transactional and behavioral data with Cheetah Digital, no matter what eCommerce platform you use. Product details are collected and updated in real-time so there is no requirement for CMS integration.

Cross-Channel personalization

Customers expect a personalized experience however they interact with your brand, whether it’s through email, social media or on the web.

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with Cheetah Digital to give you a true cross-channel personalized platform, using machine learning product recommendations, web content optimization, AB/split testing and advanced merchandising rules - to name but a few.

Product Recommendations

Add personalized recommendations, which match each shopper’s interests, in your product pages and emails; giving shoppers even more opportunities to purchase.

Fresh Relevance machine learning techniques deliver real-time personalized recommendations across all channels, including recommendations based on browse and purchase history, and customer behavior.

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Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK. Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content.


About Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital is a global company with 1,600 employees worldwide, operating in 17 countries, with headquarters in New York City.