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4 Frighteningly Fab Halloween Emails

pumpkin halloween social share image 4 frighteningly fab halloween emails

Halloween is an increasingly popular celebration across the globe and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon; attempting to make the most out of this growing opportunity for sales. So we’ve been keeping an eye out for the best Halloween themed emails we could find and we thought we’d share them with you.

Land’s End

This discount code from Land’s End is valid for 1 day only, as stated in the email. Having an offer available for a short time period creates a sense of urgency among readers and is more likely to encourage them to take advantage of the discount while it is still available to them. Why not go one step further and use a Countdown Timer in your Halloween emails to make your readers feel the urgency to take advantage of the offer!   



Pizza Express

Pizza Express has chosen treats over tricks for Halloween, treating their email list to a code that will get them a three-course meal for £13.75. It’s also offering the chance for more fearless customers who eat at a Pizza Express in costume to win a gift card. Discounts and competitions like the ones that Pizza Express used here are a great way to peak interest among your email readers and produce a buzz around the business over the course of the celebrations.

Pizza Express has also attempted to kill two birds with one stone and get itself in with customers early for the next big celebration coming up (in the UK); Bonfire Night. With a contrasting color scheme, and another discount code available to redeem in preparation for the celebration, this email is sure to catch readers’ eyes and stick with them over the two celebrations.




Product recommendations are a great way to target your customers with products they’ll love. For Halloween, Clinique made recommendations based on a Halloween makeup tutorial by one of the business's professional makeup artists, also available in the email content. This strategy meant that readers were shown how to use the products that were being recommended to them for their Halloween costumes. If the email readers watched and enjoyed the tutorial, they may be likely to click through and buy some of the products recommended to recreate the look for Halloween. When using product recommendations, perhaps you could tie in Social Proof with the products that are recommended so that your readers can see how much previous customers have enjoyed the same products before.




Halloween is filled with mysteries like ghosts, the undead, and vampires. Whistlefish have hit the nail on the head for Halloween with this mystery coupon code, which reveals how much the discount will be at the point of sale and not before. Readers are sure to build up a basket of products they love just to see how much money they could save on the occasion! Then when they see how great the saving looks they won’t be able to resist closing the sale. We also love the eye-catching design of this email which is sure to brighten up any reader's day. 



Halloween doesn't have to be filled with marketing horrors. So why not take some inspiration from these email and web strategies and use real-time, dynamic content in yours? Fresh Relevance has a variety of solutions for improving your strategy, contact us now for more information!