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6 Black Friday email examples that make us want to shop

6 Black Friday email examples that make us want to shop Headshot

By Tom Ricards, Head of Channel & Partnerships

6 Black Friday email examples that make us want to shop - featured image

We’ve already posted our 6 top tips for boosting your Black Friday sales in what’s pegged to be the biggest Black Friday yet. Now let’s take a look at some of those tactics in action. Read on for 6 of our favorite Black Friday email examples that make us want to shop.

1) User generated content

User generated content is a great addition to any email, allowing you to show shoppers what your products look like in real life and reducing your return rates. Interaction with UGC increases in July and stays elevated through September, so it's worth including customer content in your Black Friday email marketing. 

Furniture brand Article includes UGC at the bottom of their pre-sale Black Friday email, showcasing real-life photos from customers. They also follow UGC best practice by telling shoppers which hashtag to use when snapping their favorite furniture pieces. 

Source: Article email

2) Ratings and reviews

Customer reviews ease purchase anxiety and boost conversions. In fact, one in two consumers will extensively research and compare options before whipping out their credit cards and over half of consumers look for star ratings when making a purchase. So make your products stand out amidst a sea of Black Friday offerings by including reviews and ratings in your marketing emails.

This email example from Bose isn’t just stylish, it’s packed full of substance too with five star customer reviews and ratings alongside the products displayed.

Source: Bose email

3) Cart and browse recovery emails

With deals coming at them left, right and centre, Black Friday shoppers can find themselves hopping between multiple websites and devices to bag the best deals. For shoppers who might have got distracted and switched to another website before making a purchase from your store, win them back with cart and browse recovery emails. The average Fresh Relevance client doing cart and browse abandonment makes £120k extra sales for each £1M of turnover, making this a lucrative Black Friday email tactic.

Zee & Co sends cart abandoners an email with details of the carted items and a reminder of their Black Tag event. 

Source: Zee & Co email

4) Price drop alerts

Another type of triggered email worth adding to your Black Friday toolkit is price drop alerts. Use these emails to let everyone who has shown interest in the product know that it just got cheaper. With sales uplifts averaging 3%, price drop emails are a Black Friday essential.

Columbia alerts admirers of a particular shirt to the fact that this product is now available at a lower price, using prominent product imagery to remind shoppers of the item and enticing them with their fun ‘reveal new price’ call to action. 

Source: Columbia email

5) Dynamic countdown timer

The clock is always ticking when it comes to Black Friday discounts. So why not make the deadline visual and heighten the urgency with a dynamic countdown timer to count down the days, hours and minutes to the end of sale. 

Cottages.com uses their countdown timer to highlight the approaching deadline for their Black Friday offers, helping to speed up the purchase process and increase the desirability of their products by creating urgency. 

Source: Cottages.com email

6) Dynamic pricing

During Black Friday, price slashing and extra discounts mean prices are often more fluid than normal. So it’s important to deliver the most up-to-date pricing to your shoppers to avoid frustration and lost sales. 

FFX uses dynamic pricing in their flash deal emails, serving customers live pricing at the time of opening the email.

Source: FFX email

With a Black Friday that’s set to be bigger and more competitive than ever, the email marketing stakes are high. But armed with the best Black Friday tips, tricks and inspiring examples, you’ll be able to pull out all the stops to create conversion-boosting emails that help shoppers snap up your best deals.

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This blog post is for informational purposes only. Fresh Relevance is not claiming to provide its services to the companies and brand owners referred to in the blog post.

6 Black Friday email examples that make us want to shop Headshot

By Tom Ricards

Head of Channel & Partnerships

As Head of Channel and Partnerships at Fresh Relevance, Tom ensures that our highly valued partner network has the tools needed to enable both their teams and their eCommerce and travel based clients to succeed with all of their personalization plans.