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Q1 2023 platform enhancements roundup

May 31st 2023

Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success, Team Lead


At Fresh Relevance, our clients’ feedback is important to us and plays a vital role in shaping our product roadmap.

Here’s a roundup of the Q1 2023 platform enhancements we designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

1) Merchandising tool: Tag Blend

Challenge: Retailers want more control over the range of products displayed in their product recommendations, so they can showcase a wider range of product categories to their audience.

Solution: That’s why we’ve created our Tag Blend feature, which gives you the ability to display products across a range of categories within the same SmartBlock, and limit those products within each category to a set number.

So what: The tool is available to use now. You can learn more about Tag Blend here and reach out to your account manager to get started.

Screenshot of Tag Blend tool in the Fresh Relevance platform

2) Enhanced optimization goals

Challenge: Based on customer feedback, there were two requested optimization goals: ‘increase the number of products purchased’ and ‘increase revenue’.

Solution: We’ve built them for you!

So what: If these goals align with your business, you could be saving loads of time testing and optimizing your content. Reach out to your account manager to learn more.

Screenshot of enhanced optimization goals in the Fresh Relevance platform

3) Data capture joins our new SmartBlock Builder

Challenge: We’ve been modernizing our user interface and making the Fresh Relevance platform easier for you to use.

Solution: As a part of our ongoing UI overhaul, data capture SmartBlocks have moved over into the new SmartBlock Builder. This includes all the features you know and love from our new builder such as more advanced layout editing, toggle on/off data fields and mobile preview.

So what: Take a look at the new builder now to see how you can optimize your current data capture SmartBlocks.

Screenshot of data capture SmartBlock Builder in the Fresh Relevance platform

4) Recommend someone’s most viewed product

Challenge: Products have a long consideration phase for businesses operating in certain industries, such as travel or luxury. Our Recently Browsed Data Source is great if you have the marketing real estate, but for some brands you might only want to show the one most viewed product.

Solution: Our new Most Viewed product data source surfaces the most relevant products.

So what: If you’re a travel or luxury brand, this could be a really effective strategy across the web. For example, you could implement a returning visitor pop-over and abandonment email highlighting the top most relevant product.

Screenshot of most viewed data source in the Fresh Relevance platform

5) Last Purchase rule

Challenge: Previously, our rules looked over products that had been purchased over a timeframe, rather than only looking at a customer’s last purchase.

Solution: A tickbox has been added to the ‘Has Purchased’ slot rule, which now allows you to be more specific in your content targeting.

So what: Does a customer’s last purchase impact what content you want to show? In retail, this might suggest the next category to recommend. Perhaps for travel brands, those who’ve purchased an all inclusive holiday want to know more about the booking features, while self-catered would be more interested in excursions.

Screenshot of last purchase rule in the Fresh Relevance platform

6) Keep sending abandonment emails until a purchase is made

Challenge: By default, our cart and browse abandonment campaigns will execute the stages in that campaign until the individual returns to the site. However you might want campaigns to continue to send the subsequent stages until a purchase is made.

Solution: An option has been added to your Trigger Campaign which you can enable.

So what: Could this option increase your send volume, and therefore your revenue from recovered baskets? Try testing the impact of enabling this option and optimizing accordingly.

Screenshot of trigger campaign in the Fresh Relevance platform

Final thoughts

Want to see these new features in action and already a customer? Join our weekly live Fresh Focus training sessions. If you’re not a customer yet and you’d like to learn more, book a demo to find out how Fresh Relevance could help you achieve your business goals.

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Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success, Team Lead

As Customer Success Team Lead at Fresh Relevance, Daisy ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.