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You asked, we listened: Q3 2022 platform enhancements driven by our customers

Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray, Customer Success, Team Lead

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17th November 2022

We’ve been busy this quarter making Fresh Relevance easier to use as well as bringing you new shiny features.

Here’s a roundup of the Q3 2022 platform enhancements we designed in response to suggestions from our client base.

1) Code no more with our NEW Recommendations Builder

Challenge: The power of our Product Recommendations had grown so much over the years, but the SmartBlock building interface hadn’t quite kept up. This meant it could be tricky to build more personalized content.

Solution: Our new snazzy SmartBlock Builder is live for Recommendations, with some nifty new templates and features including…

  • More flexible templates – many customization options to get your template on brand
  • Easy addition of ratings and social proof website responsive templates
  • Automated set up of data sources and filters, based on our recommended tactics
  • Automated set up of filters for multi-market content (such as dynamic currency, language)
  • More edit options to empower you to easily optimize content
  • Website responsivity

So what: Take a look at our 5 minute Quick start video, showing you how to use our new builder

You can also take a look at our Web Recommendations training course to learn more.

2) Easily report & export on your results

Challenge: With more modules, channels and metrics, reporting at the right level had become noisy.

Solution: We’re revamping our reporting suite – you can check out the new Performance Dashboard and comparison reports in the system now!

So what: Dynamically report on your campaigns in real time, comparing metrics over custom date ranges and periods. You can also easily export the metrics you want for your campaign data, meaning it’s easier than ever to interrogate your data further outside of Fresh Relevance.

Screenshot of performance dashboards

3) Get started with SMS

Challenge: SMS is an increasingly powerful marketing channel, in particular for behavioral triggered campaigns. But if you’re not already running SMS programs onboarding a new supplier can put this out of resource or budget.

Solution: We’ve created an in-house solution to send SMS messages to your customers, which you can manage through Fresh Relevance without another supplier.

So what: Think about adding SMS to your omni-channel strategy, issuing notifications when products are back in stock, prices drop or customers abandon your website.

Learn more about our SMS Triggers feature.

4) Get to know your website visitors

Challenge: Knowledge is power, and knowing more about your website visitors is crucial for designing effective campaigns. Fresh Relevance collects a wealth of data, it just needed exposing.

Solution: Our new visitor history pages summarize core data about your website visitors – whether they’ve been identified or not. See additional data such as the value of baskets they’ve abandoned or the products they are browsing.

So what: Take a look at this wealth of customer data and use your learnings to inform campaigns. Want to see this data in one of your other platforms? Chat to your account manager about our Firehose Module.

Screenshot of visitor details page

5) Manage your triggered campaigns

Challenge: It wasn’t obvious what triggered campaigns were available or how to get started setting these up.

Solution: See all your triggered campaigns and their status on one page, with easy setup buttons for any new campaigns you’re not already running.

So what: It’s time to enhance your triggered campaigns! Are you running all of the campaigns available with your modules? If not, you could be missing out on crucial revenue streams.

Screenshot of trigger management page

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Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success, Team Lead

As Customer Success Team Lead at Fresh Relevance, Daisy ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.