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The perks of price drop emails

The perks of price drop emails Headshot

By Tom Ricards, Account Director

Price drop email example

We know browse emails deliver revenue (around $30k sales uplift per $1 million in turnover on average). But some merchants want a more compelling reason to deliver these emails than just the trigger of a customer browsing their products.  

That’s why automated price drop emails are a key tool every email marketer should have in their marketing toolbox. Sales lift for this specific type of browse email averages 3%.

Price drop emails are the perfect reminder for impulsive online browsers. They encourage price-conscious shoppers and they increase loyalty. A price drop email program provides shoppers who haven’t shared their email yet with a great reason to do so and allows you to break free of the cycle of offering incentives with every shopping recovery email.  

How price drop emails work

Price drop alerts inform shoppers of discounts to their favorite products outside of a formal sale. A triggered email lets everyone who has shown interest in the product know that it just got cheaper.

They work very similar to other triggered emails. For shoppers who have opted into your email marketing, their browse data is captured and stored. When you drop a price in your ecommerce system, the alert is automatically triggered.

Details of the item browsed (including images) are inserted into the email to make the offer more compelling (you’ll create a template for this when you set up the program). You don’t need to do any manual configuration and the emails are sent via your organization's own ESP. That gives you full control of the creative element of the message.

To notify browsers of the price change, you can either trigger a price drop alert as a daily or weekly standalone batch email or include it in bulk emails such as newsletters as well as browse and cart abandonment emails.

Here’s the catch.

Price drop email programs are not all created equal. Features that offer the flexibility to allow the creation of specific price drop programs are critical. Instead of emailing about a large sale across multiple categories, you might want to target messaging around price breaks for specific products or in niche categories, e.g. to clear your warehouse from excess inventory.



Further benefits of price drop emails

Another benefit of a price drop email program is the potential to help you grow your email marketing list. To get the most out of this data capture technique you should use dynamic pop-ups, or targeted banners, as an additional incentive to encourage shoppers to sign up for your emails.



Discover the power of price drop emails

If you want a more personalized approach to sharing price break information or want to reach out to shoppers who browse but are hesitant to use browse abandonment emails, consider deploying dynamic price drop emails. Whether you want to encourage purchases in a specific category or clear out the warehouse, these emails are a great tool to have.


The perks of price drop emails Headshot

By Tom Ricards

Account Director

As Account Director at Fresh Relevance, Tom works with renowned brands in the eCommerce and travel space to ensure success with their content personalization programmes in email and online.