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What to Expect on Black Friday

What to Expect on Black Friday Social Share

The festive season starts with Black Friday on 27th November 2015 and Cyber Monday 3 days later, so what should you expect?

Update: see here for what actually happened.

Ecommerce web traffic for Black Friday last year 

Some points to note:

  1. Traffic falls back slightly during the week before Black Friday, as some shoppers delay purchases in the expectation of lower prices.
  2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday show about 200% normal activity levels on average. Some sectors experience much higher increases. 
  3. There's a step change in activity starting the previous Thursday, up by about 25% from normal and continuing at that level, as shoppers realize Christmas is coming.

What about different business sectors?


As you can see, some sectors sit Black Friday out, while others get a lot more traffic. 


The extra traffic is largely reflected in extra sales (though it doesn't exactly match).


Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate a lot more sales for many sectors and mark the start of increased activity for all. 

  1. The run-up to Black Friday is the very latest you should start your festive season marketing. 
  2. If you're working in one of the sectors affected, get your Black Friday deals and marketing ready now!
  3. Cyber Monday is even more important for several sectors, so assign your deals appropriately.

The Data

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