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Black Friday: How Beauty and the Geeks Won 2014

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The winning sector on Black Friday was High-Tech, while Beauty won Cyber Monday. 

Some other sectors sat this one out, for example Home & Garden  and Holidays/Travel, benefiting slightly from the overall buzz but preferring to keep their marketing spend for other occasions.

Here are the sales numbers, compared to a normal day (100% is normal):

And here are the page views, compared to a normal day (100% is normal):

Notice how page views were up significantly, and purchases up even more which shows that customers were there to buy.

But as the overall figures below show, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were extremely busy days, but not fundamentally different from the rest of the year. Basket sizes were unchanged (a surprise to me, as I'd expected customers to overload on bargains). And abandonment recovery emails were just as effective overall, with unchanged success rates and send counts matching page views. So the big picture is that traffic increased but almost everything else was business as normal.


Relative Figures Overall, compared to a normal Friday in 2014. 100% means unchanged


Black Friday (28 November)

Cyber Monday (1 December)

Page Views



Sales Number



Sales Value



Cart Size



Cart Abandon Recovery Emails Sent



Cart Abandon Recovery Emails Sent



Sales Uplift from Abandon Emails



And the winning company in Hi-Tech, the winning sector? That was 7dayshop.com: and here's a case study about how they did it.

About Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance has clients on all continents, with about 50% in the UK. We believe these sales numbers are representative, without the bias towards major brands or "marketing-heavy" sites that you often find from other sources - because we provide marketing services with a low cost of entry and little or no requirement for specialist staff. The numbers in this post refer to aggregate data from a large sample of Fresh Relevance clients.

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