Cart and Browse Abandonment Recovery: What Really Happens

Abandonment is a real issue for eCommerce, with 65% of shopping carts being abandoned and 88% of shoppers never even reaching the cart! This is why you need to send Cart and Browse Abandonment emails.

Here's the bigger picture that others don't tell you:

Key Points:

  • If you only send cart abandon emails, your system is ignoring 2/3 of shoppers who could be called back.
  • Identification is key, the real-time marketing system uses multiple identification strategies.
  • Emails must be sent in real-time because 90% of the leads go cold in one hour.
  • If the real-time marketing system send emails using its own ESP instead of yours, you cannot ensure deliverability.
  • Browse Abandon is worth £30k per £1m turnover on average.

Data and Links:

  • 65% of shopping carts are abandoned: see More cart abandonment stats from Baymard Institute
  • 88% of shoppers never even reach the cart and so are not counted in cart abandonment figures. This includes shoppers who bounce immediately. This is from internal Fresh Relevance Ltd data. I can't find anyone else publishing a figure for this.
  • Sales funnel and Sales Uplift Figures: This is from internal Fresh Relevance Ltd data. and Real-Time Marketing Reports (averaged over 6 months).
  • 90% of leads go cold within one hour - Forrester Consulting.
  • Identification advice from Fresh Relevance: Why is Identifying Customers a Huge Problem in Today's MultiChannel World?,
  • Email design advice from Fresh Relevance: How to Design Browse Abandonment Emails, How to Design Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails.
  • The quote, "If you only send cart abandonment emails, your system is ignoring 2/3 of customers who could be called back", is because 39% of visitors look at one-or-more products and so can be targeted by browse abandonment recovery emails, but only 12% (about 1/3 of them) put a product in their cart and are visible to cart abandonment.
  • Fresh Relevance customers can see live results for their Website in the "ROI Report" and "Conversions Report".
  • NB: Performance varies a lot from website to website.

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