What is the Best Way to Trigger a Popover Subscribe Form on your Website?

What is the best trigger rule for Popover subscribe forms on your website?   We have just completed a long-term trial on the Fresh Relevance marketing website. Before the trial, we had a small email subscribe form in the footer of each webpage. During the trial, we kept the footer subscribe form and also added a Popover subscribe form, triggered in 5 alternative ways, each for one month.  Here’s what the form looks like:    And the winner was... 30 seconds on a single webpage  The best of the conditions we tested. The first time an unidentified visitor waits on a page for 30 seconds, show them the form. This lets them to read some content and get engaged enough to be interested in signing up to our newsletter.   60 seconds on a single webpage  The second best result overall: visitors had 60 seconds to engage with content on a page before being presented with a Popover.   30 seconds on a single webpage (excluding homepage)  Is the home page important for sign ups? This 30 second window allows time for content engagement and builds interest in signing up to our newsletter for more information.   Exit intent on all pages  Wait until an unidentified visitor is leaving, then show them the form. A disappointing result, because a lot of other sites use exit intent and we expected it to do better. We think it’s relatively ineffective because visitors have disengaged before they see the popover.  60 seconds total time on website The least effective condition, 60 seconds across the whole website means people didn’t have time to settle on a page and engage with content.   And nothing bad happened  This test was conducted only on one website, so your mileage may vary, but the results are highly significant. All the conditions worked better than not using a Popover form, and our email list more than doubled. More important, there was close to zero change in bounces and unsubscribes.  In conclusion…popovers work!

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